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[ANeff] Wishlist for: audio/video manipulation
[ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone)
[ANeff] Wishlist for: XMP metadata
[ANeff] Wishlist for: audio waveform image generation
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio/video manipulation by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone) by Aaron N.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone) by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone) by Aaron N.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone) by Kama S.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio/video manipulation by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone) by Aaron N.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio/video manipulation by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio/video manipulation by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio/video manipulation by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio/video manipulation by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone) by Aaron N.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio waveform image generation by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Wishlist for: audio waveform image generation by External U.
Tracker Issue wishlist wishlist
My wishlist from Coldfusion
2615152 CF-3044030 External U. +1 -- very useful feature, has been on my unspoken wishlist for sometime
Bug 78777:(Watson Migration Closure)[wishlist] CFCProxy was an enterprise only feature in previous versions
Bug 79629:(Watson Migration Closure)[wishlist] providea a getProperties() method that returns a struct of all properties in a CFC, satisfying the popular Variables
5735508 CF-4204352 Wishlist [cielen] CFCalDAV, CFCardDAV I would love to be able to use ColdFusion in a straightforward way to interact with calendars and contacts stored on CalDAV/CardDAV servers.
2673017 CF-4156552 External U. I mentioned this in a separate wishlist item, though obviously Brian is the king of caching. Being able to integrate with other caching engines would be great.
Comment on Bug 78777:(Watson Migration Closure)[wishlist] CFCProxy was an enterprise only feature in previous versions by HariKrishna K.
Tracker Issue G1 Garbage Collector?
2672696 CF-4176748 Wishlist Henry Ho G1 Garbage Collector? Maybe we can get a confirmation from the CF team whether it is better to use G1 Garbage Collector? Maybe even consider setting it as the default GC? ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
1723008 CF-4164408 Wishlist CFBREAK and CFCONTINUE should be able to work on different nested levels {code:java} // fires continue on the first loop {code} ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4164408 External Customer
2673022 CF-4156096 Wishlist James Mohler Better Guidance on Advance DB settings for large amounts of data As seen on the screenshot, there seems to be two ways to setup handling large amounts of data. Where is the documentation explaining this? ----------------------------- Additional Watson
Tracker Issue Support for Constants
2673025 CF-4156092 Wishlist James Mohler Support for Constants It should be possible to create a constant. Example: const local.myVar = 10; Just about every language has constants ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4156092
2673036 CF-4155475 Wishlist Peter Tilbrook CFPDF - support for RAM drive Add the ability to use the ColdFusion RAM drive for CFPDF operations. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4155475 External Customer Info: External Company
2673038 CF-4155400 Wishlist Henry Ho a new way of handling json A way to define how a CFC should be serialized where all the types can be defined. String will always be string, numbers will always be numbers. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
Tracker Issue test for wish list
2673238 CF-4143428 Wishlist Vamseekrishna Nanneboina test for wish list test ER for wish list ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4143428 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Vamseekrishna Nanneboina
6865039 CF-4207335 Wishlist Free, Limited Version of COldFusion Adobe should consider releasing a free version of ColdFusion standard that is throttled for use on smaller websites. This would allow more ISPs to offer ColdFusion and thus increase the base of ColdFusion users.
2672875 CF-4159661 External U. I submitted this wishlist for CF at the end of May 2016. It is now the beginning of September 2016. Has anyone actually looked at this? It's still listed as "NeedsReview". While I will admit this isn't "critical", it is something that really needs to be addressed
1723018 CF-4163460 Wishlist Replace and ReplaceNoCase needs optional start from Find and FindNoCase both can operate from a starting point of a string, where as Replace and ReplaceNoCase offer no such option. Replace and ReplaceNoCase needs an optional starting point param so it can work off
Tracker Issue Markdownformat
2672823 CF-4162371 Wishlist James Mohler Markdownformat There should be a function to convert Markdown to HTML. It should include a stand along function and an member function. MarkdownFormat(myString, "Github"); MyString.MarkdownFormat("Github"); An additional parameter is added
2672829 CF-4161392 Wishlist James Mohler Use Java String Deduplication ColdFusion should be able to use Java string De-duplicaton
2672899 CF-4157680 Wishlist Shawn Kallner IIS integration (and others) This one is all about automating setting up and configuring websites. Opens the door to sign up and use right away subscriptions that need instances of sub domains or websites. It's also quite handy for other IIS tasks like
Tracker Issue JVM setting to G1GC
2673023 CF-4156095 Wishlist James Mohler JVM setting to G1GC Java is moving to use G1GC as the default garbage collection on the initial install. ColdFusion really should be moving to that too. Unless there is a documented reason why not ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2673026 CF-4156090 Wishlist James Mohler Add built in support for Mustache syntax Problem Description: Of course ColdFusion shows variables that are wrapped in #myvar#. It should also also be possible to use {{myVar}} This would allow more new users to instantly be familiar with the syntax
Tracker Issue Wish list
2673030 CF-4155899 Wishlist Matthew Clemente Wish list I know you aren't going to want to see this, but Adam Cameron's wishlist for CF2016 pretty well covers my wishlist for enhancements. It's developer focused updates and enhancements: Package / Dependency Manager (I like the idea of working
2608588 CF-4057085 Language,Wishlist Ricardo Russon NumberFormat not producing output as per examples Problem Description: Optional Decimal Places are not working in the NumberFormat mask. Steps to Reproduce: NumberFormat(-3.21,"C(_^)_") Actual Result: ( 3) Expected Result: ( 3.21) Any
2608755 CF-4010498 Language,Wishlist Adam Cameron More types are iterable Strings (iterable by character), and numbers (via a range). Others? It might be looking at recursive iterators too (, for better dealing with hierarchical data structures
2608763 CF-4010474 Language,Wishlist Adam Cameron Implement Linq or some approximation thereof Ref: If not done in a DSL style like .net does, perhaps it can be implemented with closure-based functions? Still it's a mighty powerful tool
3554667 CF-4199857 Language : Functions Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: all CF functions to accept named parameters This ER is for: all CF functions to accept named parameters Denard's idea, as suggested by him in a comment on his ticket CF-4155428: ----------- Additional wishlist item since
2673000 CF-4157679 Wishlist Shawn Kallner Integrate with JSoup and Improve DOM options We have worked on several projects where we have to work with HTML supplied by a website or user and CF could make it a whole lot easier to perform common tasks like handling links, no follows, stripping script
2673016 CF-4156553 Wishlist Brian Klaas Enable ehCache Autodiscovery via the CF Admin A simple checkbox in the CF administrator which enables ehCache's automatic cache sharing across multiple CF instances would allow easy access to and enabling of this very powerful and woefully underused feature
2673021 CF-4156097 Wishlist James Mohler Stand alone web server default page Problem Description: When a developer successfully installs the developer version of ColdFusion, they should feel like they have something. They should have a great looking welcome page. Adobe is the company behind
2673024 CF-4156093 Wishlist James Mohler Form variables should be able natively handle structs and arrays ColdFusion should be able to handle form fields like this form.sourcetype[1].id form.sourcetype[2].id form.sourcetype[3].id form.sourcetype[4].id form.sourcetype[5].id form.sourcetype[1
2673034 CF-4155494 Wishlist Shawn Kallner ColdFusion needs Barcode Creation & Scanning ColdFusion needs a way to create barcodes in both PDFs and as separate images. Then CF should go one step further and offer a qualified reading solution with a scanner. Doesn't matter to me if Adobe does it in
2608756 CF-4010496 Language,Wishlist Adam Cameron More iteration methods From reduceRight() for one. I've definitely needed that. I also like the .times() method one can call on an integer. That's cool. But perhaps look
2608761 CF-4010487 Language,Wishlist Adam Cameron Everything is an object / Everything is an expression From: Everything is an object Everything. Including literals, and expressions. Remove uncertainty in the language due
Khandelwal on Fri Jun 13 2008 [wishlist] Feedback Report : Please add some additional functionality to query of queries in upcoming versions. Namely: string manipulation like a substring or mid function. Also, the ability to do outer joins. {quote} ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
6865302 CF-4207334 Wishlist Certify CF2018 on MacOS Catalina macOS Catalina was released on October 7, 2019. ColdFusion need to be certified on this release. When installing hotfixes 4-7, the following warnings appear: WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING
2672875 CF-4159661 Wishlist Jack Drysdale Jr EDIT SOLR COLLECTIONS Problem Description: CF11 and previous cannot actually edit a Solr collection. If you click on the collection, you have to remember what the collection is supposed to be indexing, re-enter that information with any changes desired
2673007 CF-4157230 Wishlist Shawn Kallner Role for CF in Internet of Things Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to start exploring CF IoT use cases. - the software license. obviously can't be charging a license fee for every device and it would have to run in minimized fashion on an array of Io
2673017 CF-4156552 Wishlist Brian Klaas Add Support for Multiple Caching Engines In addition to the existing ehCache integration, it would be extremely useful to allow for caching in other engines, especially Redis. These other caching engines do so much more than just get/put, and would provide CF
2608511 CF-4073759 Language,Wishlist Abram Adams cfquery/queryExecute - Add Return Type Let's add a return type argument to cfquery and queryExecute that allows at least: * query - default * struct - array of structs, like [{id:1,name="bob"},{id:2,name="jill"}] (named struct after the undocumented
Tracker Issue Formal mix-ins
2609555 CF-3832140 Language,Wishlist Adam Cameron Formal mix-ins Extract from {quote} See Both PHP and Ruby (and no doubt various other languages) have a formal concept of mix
works in opposite direction expectedWhen using CFPDF action="transform" with rotation, the pages are rotated counterclockwise instead of the expected clockwise direction. Since negative numbers (-90,-180,-270) are not allowed, there seems to be no work-around. WISHLIST: It would be nice if both
5632013 CF-4204192 Wishlist SEND ME ERROR REPORTS VIA EMAIL I've been using CF since Allaire created it. I've always wanted the engine to send me an email when it starts throwing errors, for any reason. I would like the option to have ALL of the debug info that would have been shown to me as a
4354351 CF-4202538 Language : Null Support,Wishlist [ANeff] Bug for: null breaks accessors if default defined Issue: null breaks accessors if default defined Steps to Reproduce: 1) Enable NULL support 2) Create index.cfm having: ----------- o = new MyCFC() write
6821594 CF-4207244 Wishlist Support for CSP in CF Tags that generate JS Content-Security-Policy (CSP) is a browser security mechanism that allows you to restrict how resources are loaded. This offers a very good protection from XSS in browsers that support it. See https
Tracker Issue Blog/CMS Platform
2672889 CF-4158557 Wishlist Shawn Kallner Blog/CMS Platform I think the blog reskin design says it all for this one. ColdFusion needs options for a CMS. Adobe probably looked at Mango Blog and Mura because they were looking for a ColdFusion solution for their blog and I agree with that logic. Mura
2673008 CF-4157121 Wishlist Shawn Kallner Community Site It may not be a tangible feature to the product, but it certainly will benefit developers, the companies who use the product, and Adobe. Its time for a REAL community site. - vastly improved blog. Needs to look professional
2608688 CF-4023312 Language,Wishlist Adam Cameron Expose CFML code parsing rules in a open source and consumable way I was just reading some comments from Chris and Gavin in the CFML slack channel: they're both working on CFML code scanners for various requirements. This prompted a line