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2682198 CFB-4159551 General - IDE : Workspace General Coldfusion Builder does not show right-click options on a fille which is not in workspace - Create a cfm file and save it on desktop - drag and drop this file into builder - right click and check options - Options are not displayed properly
4481296 CFB-4198401 General - IDE : Workspace General Missing icon for closed projects Problem Description: When you close a project in the Navigator a Red Square is displayed instead of the Closed Project Icon Steps to Reproduce: Close a project. Actual Result: Ugly display Expected Result
's not in the server webroot. Why would it be? It's an Eclipse project, and those go in the workspace directory, generally. And even if one saves them some other place, they're not going to be in the *web root*. Why the hell would they ever be in there??? -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson
3605946 CFB-4198255 General - IDE Marius Milosav Can't start the CFB 2016 Problem Description: Twice after installing a fresh CFB2016 as standalone, after a few times of usage the application can't be started Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: The work around
2682188 CFB-4163331 General - IDE Christopher Tierney Editor Becomes Non-Responsive on Certain Types of Code Problem Description: It seems that my issue just persists when writing code for the Taffy framework. The editor will become non-responsive at random points. I think when it's using
2682151 CFB-4191665 General - IDE Roland Collins "Customize Perspective" menu item does not work and crashes IDE after restart Problem Description: If you try to use the Window -> Customize Perspective dialog, no dialog is presented. The IDE continues to work fine until you restart the IDE