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2608609 CF-4050165 External U. A hot fix would be greatly appreciated
2608739 CF-4013832 External U. +1 would really appreciate having these features.
2608822 CF-3984812 External U. A hot fix would be greatly appreciated
Portal Topic ColdFusion Rocks!!
Aaron Neff ColdFusion Rocks!! Hi Adobe, I was introduced to CF in v4.5 and will love it till v450.0+ . I appreciate its power/flexibility/security, and enjoy kicking its tires regularly. Allaire/Macromedia/Adobe have steadily supported/strengthened it over the years, and I respect CF’s past
There is no table of contents for the beta new features guide, makes it hard to appreciate all that's new in the 224 page doc
moalspvic Charlie... I was able to successfully manually install Update 8 this evening, no errors.  I appreciate your help with this, thank you. Take care.
Charlie Arehart And thanks for saying so, Miguel. Such encouragement is always appreciated.
2821713 CF-4198301 Nimit S. I would really appreciate if you can share the app as soon as possible for you do it.
2608075 CF-4196700 External U. i do not expect a Next-Day-Fix, but an idea of when this will be fix would be greatly appreciated.
2608249 CF-4154216 External U. Any hot fix for this will be greatly appreciated !
2610680 CF-3687548 External U. I appreciate this probably isn't a small task but it would be amazingly useful in some situations.
2596878 CF-3518082 External U. We would greatly appreciate a solution for this issue.
2612557 CF-3499033 External U. i, too, appreciate a good array every now and then.
2613581 CF-3216317 Vamseekrishna N. Appreciate the detailed information. We will have someone from the team look into this, and if needed, get in touch with you for more information.
2599341 CF-3040311 External U. I've encountered this bug too and would appreciate a fix from Adobe.
2602333 CF-3036970 External U. This would be appreciated by many of us. We could build some more progressive third party tools with this.
up the good work! The post CF – Best for Healthcare Development appeared first on ColdFusion. Appreciations,ColdFusion,Testimonial,appreciations
on ColdFusion. Appreciations,ColdFusion,Testimonial,appreciations,testimonial
Comment on There is no table of contents for the beta new features guide, makes it hard to appreciate all that's new in the 224 page doc by External U.
Jeff Caldwell Great, thank you. I appreciate the anonymous user capability. I'd definitely prefer to use this as an authenticated tool to save my work/projects.
H_kumar If you've any simpler solution to fix this issue ,please let us know that would be really appreciated,Thanks
2608513 CF-4073011 Nimit S. Hi Michael, We are trying to investigate this issue, but unable to repro it. I will really appreciate if you can provide us a repro case.
2608639 CF-4038865 Nimit S. Hi Leith, I would really appreciate if you can provide a repro case without any dependencies involved?
2608886 CF-3971067 External U. Thanks for explaining that Adam. I'm not that familiar with the underlying Java plumbing, so I appreciate the insights.
2609370 CF-3852672 External U. I'm running into the same/similar issues as Aaron has noted... I'd definitely appreciate some more documentation, as well! :D
2612179 CF-3550103 External U. This would be a huge help to the initial configuration and for getting CF installed without changing configuration files. I would very much appreciate this!
2612925 CF-3369252 External U. I realise that this is an edge case but currently we are consuming CF10 query objects in CF9 via a webservice and would appreciate and insight/workarounds.
2613581 CF-3216317 Vamseekrishna N. Appreciate all the information but to nail the issue and enable a fix, could we get onto a connect session? If we are not able to replicate this issue, we will not be able to fix it.
2597053 CF-3155607 External U. This code was being used to generate scannable hangtags for a large distributor. Unfortunately the bug caused us to cancel distribution of the hangtags until the problem can be resolved. Any help at all would be appreciated.
Comment on There is no table of contents for the beta new features guide, makes it hard to appreciate all that's new in the 224 page doc by Vamseekrishna N.
2597302 CF-3044009 External U. This is keeping us from moving forward. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
2599536 CF-3039989 External U. I work in a shared hosting environment and we have always shied away from putting database credentials into the DSN. This one would be most appreciated!
4317657 CF-4202401 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, No problem. I filed it for posterity. Hi Adam, Allowing no semicolons could also be considered catering to the whims. That said, I prefer no semicolons and appreciate the removal of that restriction. Thanks!, -Aaron
Fusion community by providing official support for more code editors. appeared first on ColdFusion. Appreciations,ColdFusion,Discussion,appreciations,discussion
anands27056070 Connect coldfusion application with Azure cosmos db Hi All, I have one requirement to fetch data from Azure cosmos db. But did not find any way to integrate with coldfusion app. Any help would be appreciated. The post Connect coldfusion application with Azure cosmos db appeared first
Jason Caldwell Appreciate the reply. The opinion I expressed was based on 100% scale view in Safari. Once I reduced the scale to 90%, it all sync'd up and aligned. So, the only problem I see now is that that UI doesn't scale (collapse or grow) with a user's given browser width. If you correct
Vincent Krist A blacklist for file extensions is better than nothing and is appreciated. Please add an option that lets us specify a whitelist for file extensions.
Miguel Fernandez And thank you for that Charlie.  I truly appreciate it!  I just don't understand how the folks at Adobe are not chiming in.  It seems to me a very straight forward question.  The lack of a response from them, on various channels, is making me wonder if that is true.
and Coldfusion integration. I would really appreciate if you can provide a solution. Thanks.
2672697 CF-4176625 External U. BTW, I appreciate this is being fixed, however this is an issue in other areas... Web Socket Ports - they increment on the 2nd instance 8579, 8580, 8580, 8580, etc Flash Fallback Port for Web Sockets - Same thing. 1243, 1244, 1244, 1244, etc
2608177 CF-4170897 External U. I appreciate the response. I previously attempted your proposed solution and a simple test page returns an Apache Tomcat HTTP Status 404 error. I don't foresee utilizing this configuration heavily. However, the ability to do so can prove to be valuable when dealing
2608249 CF-4154216 External U. Hello Adobe Support Team, Thank you so much for providing a fix to this bug, and so quickly! Your support team are really fantastic and your timely assistance has been much appreciated. I can confirm that everything now works as expected. Thanks, Ryan.
2608593 CF-4054576 External U. I'd appreciate some feedback on why this should never be fixed. Returning nothing is not the expected value of a count(*) in any SQL language I am familiar with, why should ColdFusion's attempt at SQL function differently?
2608835 CF-3980425 External U. Immanuel, Yes, that tweak has helped quite a bit along with us finding some code that was stalling and just causing hung threads on the server to build up. We still get the problem occasionally but it's a lot less frequent than before. I appreciate the follow up
2608975 CF-3951546 Vamseekrishna N. We are looking into this issue and will provide an update soon. Would it possible for you to attach an isolated reproducible test to help us move fast on this issue? Appreciate your feedback and time on this issue.
2609063 CF-3939978 External U. A really prompt fix for this would be greatly appreciated, it breaks existing applications. Ideally both ColdFusion 10 and 11 would be fixed, since not all customers can upgrade to 11 immediately.
2609079 CF-3935795 External U. We would appreciate a hotfix for this, and/or please let us know which CF11 update will contain the actual fix. It is unfortunately NOT listed in the Update 7 release notes.
2609079 CF-3935795 External U. We would appreciate a hotfix for this, and/or please let us know which CF11 update will contain the actual fix. It is unfortunately NOT listed in the Update 7 release notes.
2609215 CF-3910529 Vamseekrishna N. Thanks Sean and Aaron. @All - The fix for this bug is available in the refreshed update 4 bits. Would appreciate if you could share some early feedback about the fix. The following blog post has more details:
2609232 CF-3868520 External U. This bug is still present with CF11 U5 on a windows 2012 R2 Server. I'd appreciate if adobe would have a look at this as it impacts productive systems for a long time now.
2609242 CF-3865403 External U. I appreciate Adobe wants to develop in the open, and make the public aware of issues as soon as possible, but this sort of bug is pointless.
Adobe other than buying new software. We appreciate your responses. Cordially, Miguel Arvelo
2609669 CF-3811003 Rupesh K. @Adam, we appreciate your contribution but certainly not the tone you use. No one is denying that it is a bug. However, since we have the generic syntax in place, there is no reason to make any change here. We will get the docs corrected. Opening it as a doc bug.
2609689 CF-3802931 External U. Aaron, just so we're clear, this bug report is not for dateConvert, it's for dateCompare. I appreciate your desire to contribute, but advising how well dateConvert works in CF10 seems off target. Regards, Dave.
2610895 CF-3671526 External U. The link's probably being blocked by my work then. I appreciate all the good info. Now I'm curious though why tomcat is only case sensitive with file extensions and not the whole file name. For example works just as well as
2611496 CF-3616845 External U. I am also encountering this issue. I have applied all available updates (currently update 13) with no resolution. Would appreciate more information about when to expect a fix
2612612 CF-3492496 External U. I would greatly appreciate a fix for this. I too have been bitten by this hard to find bug. I would prefer to reduce code bloat by passing in arguments without predefining them above the function call.
2613528 CF-3294617 External U. After further investigation, it looks like CF now returns what IIS would consider "detailed" error messages. So this might not be a bug, but it is a change in behavior. Some guidance on maintaining existing functionality would be appreciated.
2682150 CFB-4193624 Nikhil D. Eric, I was trying to replicate the issue you mentioned but I was unable to reproduce. Can you please provide SQL code in which ColdFusion Builder stops responding. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards Nikhil Dubey
4607209 CF-4203132 Philipp C. Hi Kailash, thanks for following this up and reopening the bug! This issue is bugging us in productive applications so a fix would really be appreciated. Note: I did not get an e-mail notification about your message this time (re-checked spam folder). Thanks
5868549 CF-4204539 Luis M. Thanks for this incredibly fast comment! I really really appreciate that @ashudeep! I have been able to bypass it by using native hibernate transactions, which I will leave with a comment unti lthis is fixed and then I will remove it. However, I am so glad you know what
, whether for those WITH custom regions in ehcache.xml or not. Some clarity from Adobe on this would be greatly appreciated, to help folks going forward.
/suggestions appreciated. The post Administration of CF Server from within CFB 2018 not working. appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Builder,Question,Set up server,2018,question,set up server
Anit Kumar Panda Charlie, can you try to editing your post now? " Again, I really appreciate your quick response to the original post. In fact, I want to edit it, to indicate how much of it has been addressed already. But in the past I found that if I edited a post here, it will be “removed” while
Charlie Arehart Oh sure, and the observation was appreciated (by me). There are people who still don't know about CB at all, or know of it but never used it, or have it but wouldn't think you'd already have an engine for the CF2018 beta (and the refreshes, even!) So it's definitely worth
Legorol San Thanks Charlie, I am aware of all those options (I've been an advanced CFB user for many years), but I appreciate you drawing attention to it anyway. Indeed it can be useful for others who stumble on this question. Rahul's reply, if true, is very disappointing. I was going to encourage
they could disagree with. But saying "always" really diminishes the power of the argument, out of the starting gate. Just one reader's opinion, of course. And I do appreciate otherwise the points you are making
diligence in reporting issues is always appreciated. BTW, I cannot say for sure if Akamai Download Manager is being used when one clicks on the trial download, but the content seems to be coming from an Akamai server.
2608634 CF-4042294 External U. Seriously... That did the trick. Sorry for all the noise on this closed ticket. Appreciate the help. Beating my head against the wall for no reason. The ? marks are gone and the source of my error is that you can't have any special characters in the destination path
configuration which we do not have on our server. I would really appreciate if someone can join my connect session and show me this issue? Please contact me:
2609252 CF-3864383 External U. Hi Rupesh, I do appreciate that undocumented tip, thanks! But there are still 2 issues: 1) invoke() doesn't support web services (filed as #CF-3864527) 2) your tip doesn't work for minOccurs="0" ( properly handles nillable="true" vs minOccurs="0" - which aren
2597065 CF-3132889 External U. Doh, I realize now that I should have put my comment (with the vote) in here instead. Would be a lot easier to read and not full the right nav bar. Sorry. If someone from Adobe can do that for me, removing that text from there and placing it here, I'd appreciate it
4900753 CF-4203359 Wil G. So far Adobe's only response has been "Our development team is working on this bug and will soon release the fix for this issue. As of now, we don't have an ETA, as an when we will release the patch. So I would appreciate if you can work on the High Sierra OS for some time
5361900 CF-4204021 Eric B. I appreciate your help and comments Charlie. I voted on your bug - seems so simple and logical to me. It took me 9+ hours, but I was able to recreate all of my scheduled tasks by hand by poring through the scheduler logs and matching up each task with the cfm page
believe that it is the desire of every developer to not only create something wonderful, but to create it in a simple, elegant, and beautiful way. I have a keen appreciation for software (and hardware) design aesthetic.  I feel a sense of awe when I come across an application […] The post Jekyll and Hyde
Exception: 0x80040154 – Class not registered. I did register the .dll  Also this is on Windows server 2016 This doesn’t happen in CF11 but does in CF 2018.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. The post CFObject in CF 2018 for calling a COM object appeared first on ColdFusion. 32-bit Support,ColdFusion 2018
on this here or in the technote for its update 19. Of course, it's appreciated, especially given the security update included (and some bug fixes).

But can anyone from Adobe clarify things, about this update 19 and going forward about CF11?

2673000 CF-4157679 External U. I would prefer a third-party library approach to this as any blackbox approach to this by Adobe may end up being shortsighted. I use jsoup w/ColdFusion on most projects and appreciate being able to update the java library whenever updates are released versus waiting
personal matter and we're not discussing working around code - we are discussing an enhancement request (that I didn't make). I appreciate that this ER might not make it, or necessarily be desirable, but we are aware of the alternatives and discussing the quality of my architectural decision making
2609099 CF-3931678 External U. My original question was: "can a ticket please be created w/ Acrobat team?" I do appreciate the explanation about how the Acrobat engine runs, but Adobe can you please stop ignoring my question? I'm sure the smart engineers on the CF Team and Acrobat Team can find a
2609632 CF-3818547 Rakshith N. While we appreciate the request for decrypting the administrator cfm files from a security review perspective, the recommendation from the security group at Adobe is to not ship decrypted administrator cfm files. The reason for this that we (Adobe) would like
only in script. Closure in tag, if really required, needs to be thought out properly. p.s : I would really appreciate if you can tone down your aggressive stance, avoid any personal attacks and focus on having a meaningful discussion.
indicated he hopes to have a response to me by Friday 2/14/2014. I indicated I will call back in on Tuesday 2/18/2014 if I do not hear anything. Thank you Priyank and everyone else for your troubles. Much appreciated, John B
this once more and since so many people have voted on this, we would appreciate if you share in which scenario this does not work.
3288336 CF-4199049 Bradley W. I appreciate this ticket, but the elvis operator was already introduced as a null coalescing operator before it was ruined by an attempt to retroactively make it behave as a shortened ternary-- something that CFML is not capable of actually doing since CFML lacks
.cfc shares same cache regions across its dynamic THIS.names. This should be a CF Admin setting like "[ ] Allow global cache regions". Checked by default, unless Secure Profile is enabled (Secure Profile would uncheck it). Thoughts? Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. I do appreciate the security focus for shared
BetaUser0110 defaultLocal server’s Port reads 8600 but web browser uses 8500 to display .cfm page Hi everyone, Is any one able to explain why this is so?  Much appreciated! In CF Builder, under “CF Servers” tab, the server “defaultLocal” is running with local type, host, port 8600. I am
Legorol San

I have read that blog post multiple times, i even asked a question in the comments about this, which you responded to.

The point is that the blog post is just a casual explanation in layman’s terms. While that is very useful and I appreciate it, it’s not quite enough

admin settings (and identical application cfc/cfm processing--best if they both have a blank application file to ensure no unexpected inheritance of another). All good fodder for another post, if it interests you. Hope that's helpful. And I'm sure I speak for most in saying we appreciate the many posts
business with. The support we receive, or not, will matter greatly on whether we continue with ColdFusion and other Adobe products in our organization in the years to come. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
, would I? No. If you lot need to exchange info internally, all good, but you should perhaps add a comment "hey [person], need something doing here". As well as there being no ambiguity there, it also indicates you lot are on the case. Cheers, and I appreciate you looking at the issue. That said, Carl
this feature. So although I can appreciate custom enhancements to tomcat, and to the connector. You will either need to make installing on Tomcat a reality, or you provide a way to have a multi-server installation the same way ColdFusion 9 has it now. I have raised many tickets because of the lack of support
) Throwing exception when _applicationStop()_ is called before application initialization might break the backward compatibility of CF applications. I understand that it been very long since this bug is open. But we certainly would appreciate your input on this. Do you still think that this bug needs a fix
based solely on what I said, please read the post first. I address various options, alternatives, and considerations. And I ACKNOWLEDGE there that Adobe should of course focus on the update problems, before portal issues!)

That said, I appreciate that this comment alone is “off-topic” for the blog