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2608535 CF-4070214 S P. Hi bobo, Can you please attach the repro code for the bug. Thanks!
2608535 CF-4070214 S V. Hi Bobo, Coldfusion considers the number of iterations after hashing the given value whereas lucee considers the number of iterations before hashing the given value. Changing this behavior will break the existing code. Thanks, Pavan.
3582190 CF-4199994 Nitin K. Hi Bobo, Below is the comment from our Engg. Dev. Let me know if you have to say something for this. Creating and deleting collections can take some time. We should not call once action immediately after other. Its better to put some sleep. This works fine
2608535 CF-4070214 Documentation bobo beebop Hash SHA-256 Number of Iterations Off-By-One Problem Description: 256 hashes are off-by-one Steps to Reproduce: Run the code below and verify the output. Actual Result: 28A9F6705886314ABD5617F406B4AF653F870DBB4207BFB1018804BF5CFB66D3 Expected Result
3582190 CF-4199994 Text Search : Solr Integration bobo beebop Delete and Recreate Collection Crash Problem Description: After creating a deleting a collection multiple times creation fails. Steps to Reproduce: Run the following code. It crashes on line 5. Actual Result: The following
3091335 CF-4198669 Functions bobo beebop Error not caught when returning an erroneous anonymous struct Problem Description: ColdFusion 10 does not property catch errors when returning an anonymous struct. Steps to Reproduce: The following code reproduces the error (also available in this gist
2610894 CF-3671567 Core Runtime bobo beebop ColdFusion 10 Enterprise Patch 12 - URLEncodedFormat using recycled response Problem Description: URLEncodedFormat does not work correctly in cfthread. I get an error in application.log that "The response object has been recycled and is no longer