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Best method to code bulk emails
2597049 CF-3169093 Net Protocols : MAIL KURT EHERENMAN coldfusion stuck mail spool Problem Description: bulk emails sent through cfmail crash CF Mail services. Restarting CF application server is the only means to get mail to send. Steps to Reproduce: send a bulk email through our CF 9 Windows
2597049 CF-3169093 External U. How many messages are you talking about when you say "bulk emails"? We have pumped 60,000 messages at a time through a single page call with cfmail without any problems (with multiple threads running they took about ten minutes to clear out of the spool
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’t know the answer. Because I […] The post ColdFusion MailSpoolService Performance appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,cfmail,CFML Tag/Function,bulk_email,cfml tag/function,ColdFusion,email,mail,MailSpoolService,mass_email