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Bug 81773:Several coldbox applications have been reported that fail once memory tracking and profiling is turned on in their apps
2610202 CF-3719927 Rupesh K. In the blog post, you are referring to ColdBox criteria API being so slow. So is it ColdFusion bug or ColdBox bug?
Portal Topic Framework Migration
are also seeing that they are familiar with more standard frameworks like ColdBox.   We are going to migrate to ColdBox over the next year.  This will allow us to be […] Blog,coldbox,framework,MVC
2611026 CF-3650142 External U. Encountered the issue using WSPublish() with ColdBox.
2611026 CF-3650142 External U. Causes problems with coldbox, a popular CF framework
4719058 CF-4203283 Jonathan C. This is a blocker for anyone using the ColdBox framework who wishes to upgrade to 2018.
ContentBox another ColdBox application will not run on CF10 but runs fine on CF9.01 and railo
Comment on ContentBox another ColdBox application will not run on CF10 but runs fine on CF9.01 and railo by External U.
Comment on ContentBox another ColdBox application will not run on CF10 but runs fine on CF9.01 and railo by External U.
How do I install ColdBox with CommandBox on a local ColdFusion service?
Modernize or Die® Conference Podcast – Gavin Pickin – ColdBox Zero to Hero Workshop – ITB2020 – Episode 3
Comment on In a CFM template (Coldbox view), using #a( b = {c:0} )# will in some situations cause a NullPointerException. by External U.
5752036 CF-4204404 Language : Framework Support App-specific mappings do not register correctly Problem Description: Frameworks such as ColdBox use mappings to allow for portable modules. In ColdFusion 2018, application-specific mappings do not register correctly until an additional get
In a CFM template (Coldbox view), using #a( b = {c:0} )# will in some situations cause a NullPointerException.
CF Camp 2018: Madness in Munich Part Two- Building APIs with CFFractal & ColdBox
2609782 CF-3775860 ORM Support Luis Majano ORMExecuteQuery() bad performance Problem Description: We have discovered that ORMExecuteQuery() is very bad on performance in comparison to normal cfquery and also ORM hibernate criteria queries (ColdBox). Here is a little report we did: h1.15 records
3096217 CF-4198705 Bradley W. I hope update 6 is soon! We noticed today that this is breaking the ColdBox 5 beta on Adobe ColdFusion.
2673042 CF-4155300 External U. This would be useful for applications that are not built on frameworks such as FW/1, ColdBox, and others (which provide tooling to configure things like datasource names based on environment).
2609882 CF-3752424 External U. Looking at that stack trace, I strongly suspect it's some sort of race condition bug in ColdBox around application timeout / restart...
2610202 CF-3719927 Rupesh K. Just saying that it is a ColdFusion bug does not help. Please provide us a repro case taking ColdBox out of picture.
Comment on In a CFM template (Coldbox view), using #a( b = {c:0} )# will in some situations cause a NullPointerException. by External U.
Comment on In a CFM template (Coldbox view), using #a( b = {c:0} )# will in some situations cause a NullPointerException. by Rupesh K.
4219048 CF-4202030 Nitin K. ColdBox 5 framework works with update1 over CF2018 beta release.    Closing the bug.
2920419 CF-4198397 Philipp C. Verified in most recent beta ColdFusion 2018 and ColdBox 5.0.0 RC1
3746251 CF-4200234 Bradley W. This is one of the reasons the ColdBox framework still cannot use elvis. We need to support CF11 and bugs like this make it unusable.
3746249 CF-4200233 Bradley W. This is one of the reasons the ColdBox framework still cannot use elvis. We need to support CF11 and bugs like this make it unusable.
2608961 CF-3952818 Bradley W. This is one of the reasons the ColdBox framework still cannot use elvis. We need to support CF11 and bugs like this make it unusable.
4719058 CF-4203283 Bradley W. ColdBox continues to be completely broken out of the box on 2018 due to this bug. I see the fix didn't make it into updater 1. Is there hope for updater 2?
4719058 CF-4203283 Sid W. +1 As more and more people are in the process of moving to ColdBox (or other of the Ortus Tools) - this is a show stopper for those of us wishing to use it with 2018
4719058 CF-4203283 Jae J. I am in the process of migrating to ColdFusion 2018 and all of our applications are currently running on ColdBox framework. If this doesn't get fixed soon then we will NOT migrate to ColdFusion 2018.
2610316 CF-3711305 External U. It looks like we might need to dial back the solution to only apply to argument hints and @return annotations. It turns out the extra whitespace is problematic for frameworks that read custom annotations like /** * @paramName.inject coldbox */ since extra white
3211778 CF-4198933 Bradley W. The elvis operator is basically useless still in ColdFusion. We tried to start using it in the ColdBox framework in ColdBox 5 but had to give up due to too many bugs and issues like this. The elvis operator was originally widely thought of as a shortened ternary
Bug 80312:When trying to debug ColdBox Application any on method in Application is not fired, which is annoying if you are trying to find a bug
) Java Version 1.8.0_92 Java Vendor Oracle Corporation The application sits on a fail overed monolith server with a 24gig heap. This part of the application resides within coldbox, but the setup is mixed coldbox non coldbox. - cant thing of anything else specific but i can send application.cfc files
Carl Von Stetten Introduction To MVC in ColdFusion As part of my “Introduction to MVC in ColdFusion” presentation that I’ve given at CF Summit 2016 and NCDevCon 2017, I have a sample application written three ways: In procedural style (all CFMs), As a FW/1 MVC application, and As a ColdBox MVC
4607234 CF-4203136 Bradley W. Hi Nimit, sorry I didn't reply to your 8/16 message but I never received an E-mail about it. I just checked my inbox and there was no notification. Unless you've done something to fix this, I'm sure it's still an issue. I haven't really been using ColdBox on 2018
Andy Peterson

+1 for expanding certification opportunities beyond CF Summit.

+1 for leveraging a certification process similar to ColdBox’s. Despite my not having personal experience with Ortus' certification solution (yet), it appears to be an aporach that Adobe and Ortus could mutually

. In ColdBox, we use on-the-fly CF mappings for every module that is loaded, but we've had so many issues related to these CF mappings "disappearing" during requests. I have nailed down a repro case that does not use ColdBox, demonstrating the issue. Basically, on-the-fly CF mappings will simply disappear
2910498 CF-4198394 Bradley W. The code in this ticket is part of the ColdBox framework, which runs on every request to set up dynamic mappings for installed modules. I'm very interested in getting this looked at. Seems like some sort of concurrency issue under the covers in ColdFusion.
2608169 CF-4173282 External U. I've noticed this too a lot for years in active apps that use getMetaData() and interfaces (often time ColdBox). My expectation is that there should be zero disk access if trusted cache is turned on related to reading .cfc files.
2608975 CF-3951546 External U. Thanks for pushing regarding the bugbase Vamseekrishna. I've reproduced the issue outside of Coldbox by storing the CFC in Application scope - see attached zip; on the first request to test.cfm it works fine, but the second request has the null pointer exception.
2609891 CF-3750731 External U. Have you every built a ColdFusion website using FW/1, Coldbox, etc in the past, Paul? have you ever actually *used* ColdFusion *at all*? You haven't, have you? -- Adam
with frameworks like ColdBox that already provide implicit pre/post/around AOP-style functionality.
2611026 CF-3650142 External U. This has been mentioned here:!msg/coldbox/j9XojT4dhlw/skWvGOfyqgIJ And in a comment on the old bug:
Comment on In a CFM template (Coldbox view), using #a( b = {c:0} )# will in some situations cause a NullPointerException. by External U.
Comment on In a CFM template (Coldbox view), using #a( b = {c:0} )# will in some situations cause a NullPointerException. by Suchika S.
2611903 CF-3576112 External U. If you don't want to create a whole package manager system, why not use the lucee extension standard and/or push the already existing ForgeBox by Ortus Solutions?
Comment on ContentBox another ColdBox application will not run on CF10 but runs fine on CF9.01 and railo by External U.
Comment on ContentBox another ColdBox application will not run on CF10 but runs fine on CF9.01 and railo by Adobe D.
2614151 CF-3129772 Adobe D. I haven't received the ColdBox application from you. Can you send it asap. (Comment added from ex-user id:sagarg)
5752036 CF-4204404 Luis M. We have no proved this issue with Brad Wood on ACF 2016 and 2018 latest patches. Basically any dynamic mapping is lost if concurrent threads are hit. This can render a ColdBox application being reinit to be in a state of being broken or impossible to reinit
5752036 CF-4204404 Luis M. We have no proved this issue with Brad Wood on ACF 2016 and 2018 latest patches. Basically any dynamic mapping is lost if concurrent threads are hit. This can render a ColdBox application being reinit to be in a state of being broken or impossible to reinit
4219048 CF-4202030 Language : Functions getApplicationMetaData() broken Today I have installed the ColdFusion 2018 public beta and replaced the previous beta release with it. After installation the ColdBox 5 framework was broken, CF threw an error when trying to set a variable: var app
closures in our ColdBox tools to give developers more powerful and expressive ways of controlling execution of libraries. One example is where users of TestBox can provide a closure to filter what tests suites get executed. As most test runners output HTML, this will often times happen in a .cfm file
2611074 CF-3644083 External U. Take this code, that was also marked as user error by the Adobe team. // ColdBox Reload Checks application.cbBootStrap.reloadChecks(); //Process a ColdBox request only if( findNoCase('index.cfm',listLast(arguments.targetPage,"/")) ){ application
it will fail when trying to load a path with /// in front of it. If that fails I will be happy to create a very basic ColdBox app with this setup, and send it in if need be.
everyone was thinking. Now Elvis is just a mixed up mess and frameworks like ColdBox can't even use it because it behaves too inconsistently.
4090354 CF-4201538 Bradley W. This issue was reported on CF11, not CF 2016. Did you test this on CF11? ApplicationLoader.cfc is part of the ColdBox framework but I don't think the context really matters, it's just an expandPath() call. I know with a high degree of certainty the slashes were
.runtime.TemplateProxyFactory.getResolvedFile( at coldfusion.runtime.TemplateProxyFactory.getTemplateFileHelper( at coldfusion.runtime.MetadataUtils.getComponentMetadata( at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage.GetComponentMetadata( at cfUtil2ecfc613297718$funcGETINHERITEDMETADATA.runFunction(C:\tools\coldbox\myapp\coldbox
guys don't actually work with either CFML applications or even modern websites. This approach only works for a single, stand-alone website (like how we might have done in 2001). What if I'm not in the business of building websites, but I build applications such as FW/1 or ColdBox or the like? Or any
2600860 CF-3038578 Language : Datastructure Tariq Ahmed Bug 77255:StructKeyExists() evalutes to true when the key doesn't exist Problem: StructKeyExists() evalutes to true when the key doesn't exist. In Using ColdBox 2.6.3 I get some strange errors that don't make sense with CF9 Beta 2, that I
ColdBox, etc in places like c:\code\coldbox and then have an application mapping point there for the "coldbox" namespace.It would be nice if we could just point at a .JAR file instead of having to copy all the files around.Our main application directory usually only has a application.cfc and an index
George Pickin 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API – Presented at CF Summit 2017 CF Summit 2017 was a lot of fun, lots of new faces, and good to meet friends, old and new alike. I really enjoyed the ColdBox 2 day training, RESTFul Training Bootcamp. I also enjoyed, Pete Freitag’s Hands On CFML
6638785 CF-4206542 Language : CF Component cannot call certain functions on a component Problem Description: We have in ColdBox a Base Test Case which has API testing capabilities. Basically it has several functions with the following names: get(), post(), put(), head(), options(). However, on a
at the expense of performance due to not having a single instance). Presumably whatever Coldbox does to cache singletons is somehow resulting in CF breaking the closure or something.
the proper truthy/falsey constructs that language like JavaScript and Groovy have. Instead of making elvis be a hacked-up combination of two things, it needs to be fixed to be a proper null coalescing operator and then this ticket won't be needed. We tried to start using the elvis operator in ColdBox 5
4607226 CF-4203134 Bradley W. Hi Suchika, I didn't notified of your comment. Thanks for pinging me Aaron. I'm traveling at the moment, but you can see this easily if you run the ColdBox unit test suite, which I would recommend the CF team make a regular part of your tests. I would also vote
2609879 CF-3753750 External U. Ok fixed that after finding the documentation. Now we have another different error. coldfusion.runtime.CustomException: Error creating object store at coldfusion.tagext.lang.ThrowTag.doStartTag( at coldfusion
the problem, but looking at the code on that line may indicate better than what I can't see. java.lang.NullPointerException at coldfusion.runtime.AppHelper.getApplicationMetaData( at coldfusion.runtime.CFPage.GetApplicationMetadata( at cfCFORMUtil2ecfc1165099099$funcGETDEFAULTDATASOURCE.runFunction(D:\home\\wwwroot\coldbox
) at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage._invoke( at cfBaseORMService2ecfc962975903$func_CF_ANONYMOUSCLOSURE_221.runFunction(/Users/lmajano/Sites/cboxdev/coldbox-core-modules/cborm/models/BaseORMService.cfc:939) at coldfusion.runtime.Closure.invoke( at coldfusion
’s plan for a new Live Coding Series this Wednesday. They […] The post Modernize or Die® Podcast – CFML News for January 14th, 2020 – Episode 36 appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,CF Alive Podcast,Podcast,blog,cf alive podcast,CFML,coldbox,coldfusion_conference;,commandbox,podcast
a few updates in ColdBox 6 that will be available […] The post Modernize or Die® – CFML News for March 31st, 2020 – Episode 47 appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Blog,News,announcements,blog,ColdFusion,news
and Eric host this weeks episode. ColdBox 6 is being released, Fusion Reactor has a 25% discount for Adobe ColdFusion to celebrate 25 years. They remind you about the Ortus Webinar and Adobe webinar you might have missed, and announce this weeks Online CF Meetup with Brian Klaas on speaking about “I Didn
2IEA-E Summary: Brad and Eric host this weeks episode. ColdBox 6 was actually finally released. Adobe ColdFusion 2020 Beta is now public, and is available on ForgeBox to start with CommandBox. They discussed ContentBox CMS is free and will always be, and this Mura discussion has sparked a big jump
framework.  I currently use FW/1 but am planning on trying Coldbox again soon.  Any existing project he touches will be in a framework so he will be picking that up as well.  So spaghetti code will definitely be a no go and would advise the same to anyone else getting a new developer started. I like your
2609879 CF-3753750 Language : Framework Support Andrew Scott Backward compatibility issue with CF11 It seems that something major has changed in ColdFusion 11, which means frameworks like ColdBox and ContentBox no longer work. It appears to be an issue where it is failing on this component extends
PageContext().getFusionContext().getApplicationCustomMappings() When there are no app mappings, this is null. Provide a built in function to access the struct of app mappings so developers can modify them as necessary to add additional mappings on the fly based on installed packages, etc. There is a rather specific use case for this in the ColdBox framework
the extended component is altered. This requires frameworks which examine metadata before instantiating, such as Coldbox, to reload twice to apply changes in extended components. Steps to Reproduce: Create component foo.cfc: {code:java} component { property name="prop1" default="prop1"; //property name
Fusion component and the ColdFusion interface. You can see several instances of this error if you start up a 2018 server and run the ColdBox unit test suite. Is there a reason this has been moved to a runtime check and what is the performance overhead of checking method signatures on invocation?
4719058 CF-4203283 Language On the fly app specific mappings not registering correctly Problem Description: ColdBox makes regular use of on the fly application specific mappings for modules that are registered. In 2018, there has been a regression in regards to these working. Steps
2821713 CF-4198301 John G. I have come up with the following workaround, but it uses undocumented Java methods and may cause other issues, so use at your own risk. Create the following function in your WebSocket listener and call it in any function that needs ORM functionality. (In ColdBox
2614151 CF-3129772 External U. Btw this is a ColdBox application and the code that works in CF8, CF9 and Railo is var UDFFullPath = ExpandPath(arguments.udflibrary); var UDFRelativePath = ExpandPath("/" & arguments.udflibrary); /* Relative Checks First */ if( file
won't work for me. ColdFusion 2018 is failing in our ColdBox Travis CI build, which is run via CommandBox on the cloud in a private container that I have no access to, I can't even SSH into it. It's a 100% automated deployment, start server, run tests, stop server, destroy the container. I cannot
2920419 CF-4198397 Language : Framework Support Bradley Wood App-specific mappings added outside of Application.cfc can dissappear Problem Description: The ColdBox framework makes use of app-specific mappings that are added inside the framework to allow for portability of modules. We have a
.jsp.ServletResponseWrapper class doesn't fully implement the spec for the ServletResonse interface and throws an exception from the getContentType() object. This used to work in previous versions of CF, but was broken at some point in 2016. The ColdBox framework uses this with its event caching feature to see what content
has been added to Application.cfc but it does not seem to work, or only works intermittently. In our case the application is built on top of ColdBox, but having seen others have a similar issue (e.g. ,, https
an exception, which renders the capability to check the session for entities completely broken. We have the cborm suite which has been public since version 9 of ACF. It would be wise to run it for ACF to see if you introduce regressions or not. Unknown entity
information available:!topic/coldbox/CYoeeZlmjJg # Steps to Reproduce: getjelly.cfm web.config rewrite rule: Browse to localhost/getjelly.cfm and the image displays. Browse to localhost
ColdBox. This affects Mach-II versions 1.0.7, 1.0.8, 1.0.10, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.6.1 and 1.8.0.While it should not be called automatically, a basic init() method should be available to call (with cfarguments for each property -- each argument is not required and has a default
Copy() works except you can use it on CFC instances and you actually get a new CFC instance with all the same methods and variables as the original CFC without needing to use createObject() or new. Here is a code snippet showing how this works on Lucee. This is very useful for frameworks like ColdBox
.runtime.InterfaceRuntimeExceptions$CFCDoesNotImlpementFunctionException: CFC coldbox.system.orm.hibernate.EventHandler does not implement the interface CFIDE.orm.IEventHandler. at coldfusion.runtime.InterfaceRuntimeExceptions.throwCFCDoesNotImlpementFunctionException( at coldfusion
2610202 CF-3719927 External U. I can't Rupesh, I don't know enough about extracting the Criteria Builder usage from within ColdBox. All I can say is that the it is the actual query itself here. /** * Comment listing for UI of approved comments, returns struct of results
2611175 CF-3634391 External U. Yes it is more noticeable when using ContentBox.. There are two specific errors, one is null pointer like this and the other is property such and such no longer exists. When tracking it back to ColdBox the following code is where the error occurs, /** * Get
so you've pushed the framework author into an untenable position... And if you think this is not a real objection, take a look at the source code of the two most popular CFML frameworks: ColdBox and FW/1. Both of them currently use isCustomFunction() to test whether things are functions. DI/1 also
2682668 CFB-3772973 Adobe D. Ram, there is an image attached as repro. So, I am adding a repro code here for your handy reference. component persistent="true" table="tbl1" schema="dbo" output="false" extends="coldbox.system.orm.hibernate.ActiveEntity" { property name="Id1" column="col1" type
pls. dwell a bit more on the application that's hitting "D:\wwwroot\coldbox\system\web\config\ApplicationLoader.cfc", which in turn is causing the StringIndexOutOfBounds exception.
.compiler.Treewalker.postorder( Full stack trace in attached file. This code, inside a Coldbox handler, causes the java.lang.NullPointerException: if ( StructKeyExists(rc,'PersonTypeId') ) rc.PersonType = PersonTypeService.findAllWhere( Criteria={PersonTypeId:rc.PersonTypeId} ); This doesn't: if ( Struct
:/Projects/ColdFusion/ColdBox31/system/web/Controller.cfc: line 494 Called from D:/Projects/ColdFusion/ColdBox31/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 74 Called from D:/Projects/ColdFusion/ line 52 435 : 436 : 437 : 438 : 439 : Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any