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notes for each […] The post ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 5 and ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 12 released appeared first on ColdFusion. Adobe ColdFusion 2016,Adobe ColdFusion 2018,coldfusiom language updates,coldfusion 2016 update 12,coldfusion 2018 update 5,ColdFusion security updates
Reflect changes in the language after updates
Comment on Reflect changes in the language after updates by Vamseekrishna N.
Comment on Reflect changes in the language after updates by External U.
Comment on Slide and code from my session at ColdFusion Summit on language additions to ColdFusion 2018 by Aaron Neff
Comment on Bug 86202:-(Watson Migration Closure)There is in my opinion a language error in the system component C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\CFIDE\componentutils\cfcexplorer by Aaron N.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Charlie Arehart Hidden Gems in CF2018, Part 5 – Language Changes In this part 5 of my series on CF2018 hidden gems, we focus on language changes, across a large range of categories. The post Hidden Gems in CF2018, Part 5 – Language Changes appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,CF2018 Updates
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by Rupesh K.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
and rewards of using mature or emerging languages How a development platform’s update cycle factors into your choice Why Adobe ColdFusion is the best option The post Top 3 Key Factors When Choosing a Programming Language (Why CFML is Always the Best Option) appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Language
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
2609610 CF-3822362 External U. Very much in favor of this. An update like this could revitalize the language while not sacrificing legacy work.
of the collection are defined as structures. Here's the code:County.cfc:component persistent="true" {property name="CountryId" fieldtype="id" generator="native" type="numeric";property name="CountryCode" length="2" notnull="true";property name="Languages" fieldtype="many-to-many" cfc="Language" type
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
2673667 CF-4118956 External U. Hi James, I've updated the doc: Thanks for your feedback.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by Immanuel N.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on ?: has stopped working in CF11 update 3 by External U.
2608271 CF-4145441 Kailash B. The bug #CF-3931678 has been taken up. But since it requires language changes, we will take it up in the next release of ColdFusion. For the other two bugs, #CF-3928680 and #CF-3931673, we have already raised an ER with the acrobat team. We will keep you updated about
Fusion Rocks! Still Remains the Best Programming Language! appeared first on ColdFusion. CF2018 Updates,ColdFusion 2018,Question,2018,cf2018 updates,coldfusion 2018,question
5390067 CF-4204044 Language : Tags CF11 Update16 HTTP connection failure Problem Description: When making an http GET or POST to an external url, we are getting a Connection Failure. We notice this with many of the credit card payment gateways we connect to. Tried reinstalling their SSL certs
Michaela Light 5 Reasons Why Adobe ColdFusion is Better Than C# The .NET framework is one of the web’s most popular developing platforms. It consists of many different languages under one umbrella framework.  C# is one of these languages. Others include VB.NET and F#. It gets a lot of support as a
2609215 CF-3910529 Language Adam Cameron ?: has stopped working in CF11 update 3 Repro: #javaCast("null", "") ?: On update 3, this outputs: On update 2, it works fine: moo Needs a HOTFIX I think? ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
Tracker Issue encodeForXML()
2614209 CF-3125857 Language : Functions Aaron Neff encodeForXML() Based on prior discussion about updating HTMLEditFormat and HTMLCodeFormat, it appears xmlFormat() also could not be updated if need be. Thus, for consistency w/ the other ESAPI-based functions, the encodeForXML() should be added
4444758 CF-4202804 Language : Functions [ANeff] Bug for: CF-3044064 hidden Issue: CF-3044064 hidden CF-3044064 was fixed in CF11 Update 5 but is hidden in the tracker. CF11 Update 5's description is: "IsValid("url", ...) and IsValid("email", ...) do not correctly validate values that use IPv6
6281567 CF-4205347 Language : Exception Handling Update 12: Exception occurring in conditional branch that should not be evaluated Problem Description: An exception is thrown in a branch of a IF expression that should not be executed. This bug has been introduced in update 12. Running the same
Comment on ?: has stopped working in CF11 update 3 by External U.
Tracker Issue decodeForHTML()
2614206 CF-3125862 Language : Functions Aaron Neff decodeForHTML() Since HTMLEditFormat and HTMLCodeFormat cannot be updated b/c it'd break backward-compat w/ DecodeHTMLFormat UDFs that people wrote (b/c CF doesn't have this "undo" function), then ESAPI's DecodeForHTML() should be added. Most
3046932 CF-4198569 Language : General Mosh Teitelbaum Bug #CF-4198401 Incorrectly closed Problem Description: Bug #CF-4198401 is incorrectly marked as withdrawn/closed. I never withdrew the bug and, as of the latest update, it is still not resolved. Please reopen the bug. Steps to Reproduce
2745898 CF-4198253 Language Bla Foo isDate() not working properly Problem Description: Since ColdFusion 11 Update 11 isDate() returns YES on Strings like "0815" or "1337". Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: YES YES Expected Result: NO NO Any Workarounds: n/a
3992246 CF-4201203 Language : Functions Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: ArrayFindAllNoCase() not constrained to string searches Issue: ArrayFindNoCase() was updated per CF-3316776 to be constrained to string searches to match behavior of ArrayContainsNoCase() and ArrayDeleteNoCase(). Same should
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
Comment on Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update by External U.
2609048 CF-3941602 Adam C. The functionality is fixed, but the docs have not been updated. This needs to be an integral part of any work done to the language. Also, what would have been professional from Awdhesh would have been to follow up the ticket properly, rather than just "going dark
2609471 CF-3844976 External U. +1 for the totality of Adam's post on "1:23:05 PM GMT+00:00 Oct 31, 2014". The built-in functions _and_ their member function counterparts should be updated to return a useful value. Perhaps include this in CF12's language overhaul?
2609610 CF-3822362 External U. With each new release, cfscript has become more inconsistent, incoherent and not to mention, hard to find decent documentation on. This should be a priority for the next release to clean this up and make it a primary feature of the language and not just patched
Tracker Issue wishlist
2672895 CF-4157939 Wishlist J S wishlist Language updates: * Static members - as implemented by Lucee * Additional component/method modifiers: - abstract - final * Lambda expressions (arrow functions) * Implement a decorator pattern, similar to the JS spec: https
2608064 CF-4197126 Language : Functions ext-user Date Format does not parse after Update 20 Problem: Lastmodified is like "2016-10-17 10:11:40" and DateFormat cannot parse it Method: Run the following sample: #PreserveSingleQuotes(sDirFileGetQuery)# The above example gives error
2610066 CF-3734792 External U. This is not fixed in CF11 Update 3 (11,0,03,291742). Repro: Then open mypdf.pdf in Adobe Acrobat and run "Advanced > Accessibility > Full Check". Then see the Summary section, in the generated mypdf_AdobePDF.html, says: ---------------------- The checker found
2608288 CF-4137857 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I've verified this is fixed in CF2018 Public Beta Update 1 (build 2018.0.01.308605). This ticket should be changed from "Closed/Won't Fix" to "Closed/Fixed". +1 to what Brad said, BTW. CF is a loosely typed language and needs to act like it. To act otherwise
2596969 CF-3292826 Language Henry Ho Language Changes for 9.0.2 do not work Problem Description: the doc promises enhancements to queryNew() and queryAddRow() but they do not work in CF 9,0,2,282541 Steps to Reproduce
2608386 CF-4104256 Language Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: getTagList() getFunctionList() is useful for determining what functions were added in each version/update. getTagList() would be useful for the same. It should return a list (not a struct like getFunctionList() does; and, of course, get
2608812 CF-3988540 Language Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: var ignored in cfcatch var is honored in catch (good): function f1() { try {a;} catch(any e) {var foo = "bar";} } f1(); writeDump(structKeyExists(variables, "foo"));//returns NO (good) var is ignored in cfcatch (bug
2609162 CF-3917706 Language Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: ISO 8601 support in week() week() doesn't use the ISO 8601 standard. #3765535 is updating the date/time format functions to support ISO 8601. This ER is to do the same for week(). Example: week(now(), "iso") Related tickets: #3915699
2608662 CF-4031746 External U. Using CF10 - Update 18 - 10,0,18,296330 <<< Still says LOCAL should take precedence over ARGUMENTS. However, the ARGUMENTS scope
2609913 CF-3744504 External U. Hi Nimit, I see _CURRENTPAGENUMBER and _TOTALPAGECOUNT were added in CF11 Update 3, and _PAGENUMBER and _LASTPAGENUMBER also still work. Unfortunately, #CFHTMLTOPDF.currentPageNumber# and #CFHTMLTOPDF.totalPageCount# still don't work. Would you please reconsider
: Successful Update type: Recommended The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4 and 4.5. By using the .NET Framework 4.5.1 together with the C# or Visual Basic programming languages, you can write Windows Store apps. The .NET Framework 4.5.1 delivers
more are visible as well. Let’s dive in and see what make CF modern and reliable. Security Security concerns are an important part of any programming language. No platform is 100% secure. But there are many tools and best practices out there to help you be as secure as you can be. Keeping […] The post
hard to implement into Adobe ColdFusion and CFML. These newest advancements in our platform and language make me ask:. How can we keep up with all this tech change? Have you ever looked towards the future curious to what may be in store? Of […] The post CF India Summit: Part Two- Keeping Up to Date
2609026 CF-3944862 Language Tushar Bhaware isValid validates invalid email address Problem Description: Actual Result: YES YES Expected Result: NO NO ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3944862 External Customer Info: External
2609626 CF-3818776 Language Raymond Camden Updating structkey presevation doesn't work unless you edit the CFM Related Bugs: CF-3913844 - Similar to Imagine you have a CFM making a struct and you serialize it. You then change Application.cfc to add (or modify!) this
2612823 CF-3401939 External U. Verified this is fixed in CF11 Update 5 (build 11,0,05,293506). The example in the description also returns 5 in CF11 Update 4 (build 11,0,04,293328). FYI, there is a doc bug on the regex syntax page:
2608801 CF-3991492 Language Jork Zijlstra cfloop list index value isn't updated Problem Description: When looping over an list you can get the problem that the vale in the index isn't updated for each iteration. It remains the value that it got for the first time. Steps to Reproduce
Convert()'s behavior to be changed until setTimeZone()/getTimeZone() were added to the language. Until then, existing code can be updated to use dateAdd() to change the value of a date/time object. Thanks, -Aaron
Language/Syntax Enhancement - Array/Struct Literal append/update
2608885 CF-3971069 Language David Neuman Error with encrypt() function after applying CF 11 Update 5 Problem Description: After applying the CF 11 Update 5, anywhere we use the encrypt() function, it throws an error randomly. This is the function we have used in multiple places in our
2608958 CF-3952968 Language Toby Weston Passing string property value as "yes" or "no" to serializeJSON function converts the values to true or false This is a repeat of bug 3845642. It was marked as fixed in CF 10 but this still exists in CF 11 Update 4. Looks like it worked in Update 3 as well
2612722 CF-3436101 Language Dmitri Dubkovetski NULL NULL errors after the last coldfusion update Problem Description: After installing latest updates to Coldfusion 10 Standard the "NULL NULL" errors started to appear randomly (200~400 per day) with RootCause type "java
2613408 CF-3321666 Language Adam Cameron [regression] Update refind() and deprecate reMatch() There's currently a gap in CF's regex finding. reFind() will return subexpressions, but only return one match. reMatch() returns all matches, but no sub expressions. I recommend updating re
.apiversion#' to '/v#ATTRIBUTES.apiversion#' as FB's versioning requires the 'v' prefix (my bug from 01.10.2015) * Removed unnecessary 'ATTRIBUTES.encodeOutput = (ATTRIBUTES.encodeOutput) ? "true" : "false";' (my bug from 01.16.2015) * For the Twitter Follow Button and Tweet Button, updated the language validation
SauravGhosh CFFiddle- Code, test, and share your ColdFusion code on the go! With CFFiddle you can code and share your code snippets with others on the go, anytime and every time. You can use CFFiddle to achieve the following: Bugs: If you encounter any language-related bug, you can share
3099206 CF-4198709 Language : Tags Erik Aulbach Cfinput datefield calendar icon no longer functions correctly Problem Description: The calendar icon that is displayed when using cfinput type=datefield no longer functions correctly in CF2016 update 4 with browsers that support an HTML 5 datepicker
2841957 CF-4198331 Language : CFSCRIPT Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: include operator to allow both attributes as name/value This ER is for the include operator to allow both attributes as name/value. History: The param operator originally only allowed this syntax: param [type] name [=default
2733021 CF-4198226 Language : Cookie Toby Weston Cookie is no longer expired when no value attribute is used in IE Problem Description: Since installing update 11 the following no longer works in Internet Explorer: It either just clears the existing cookie leaving it there with no value
2608090 CF-4194596 Language Bradley Wood Elvis operator with struct literal as second operand returns "{" Problem Description: Passing a struct literal as the second operand to the Elvis operator returns the string "{" instead of an empty struct. I've tested this on CF11 update 10. Steps
2608093 CF-4192428 Hot Fix Installer Bernhard Döbler Version number wrong: 11,0,10,292866 Problem Description: Coldfusion Administrator shows version number as 11,0,10,292866 Steps to Reproduce: Install latest Update Coldfusion 11 Hotfix via CFAdmin Actual Result: Expected Result: According
2673592 CF-4125413 Installation/Config Shigeyoshi Muraoka Wrong Japanese UI Text in wsconfig.jar Problem Description: Japanese UI Text newly added to wsconfig.jar of CF2016 are not properly translated. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Install ColdFusion 2016 Japanese (with language "???(Japanese)" selected
2608415 CF-4100122 Language : Functions Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: ISO 8601 support in dayOfWeek() dayOfWeek() doesn't use the ISO 8601 standard. #3765535 and #3917706 are updating the date/time format functions to support ISO 8601. This ER is to do the same for dayOfWeek(). Example: date
2609649 CF-3815793 Language : Datastructure Jork Zijlstra structcopy doens't return a copy Problem Description: Structcopy doesn't return a copy for FORM or URL. We expect Session to do the same Steps to Reproduce: 1) do a form post 2) make a structcopy 3) update form key of copy 4) dump / output
2610339 CF-3709536 Language Paul Sussan SpreadsheetAddRows has a serious memory leak Problem Description: SpreadsheetAddRows has a serious memory leak. As the amount of data goes up, the memory used grows exponentially until the server falls over. Steps to Reproduce: Use with a large query
4223283 CF-4202044 Language : Member Functions [ANeff] Bug for: Aether missed correcting some member functions Issues: 1) array.clear() returns modified array (good), but struct.clear() returns boolean (bad) 2) query.deleteColumn() and query.deleteRow() return modified query (good), but: 2a) query
5209478 CF-4203846 Language "1,0" and "0,1" are the same Problem Description: Hi, there is a big issue when I compare two strings with "0,1" or "1,0" values. For instance if you code: {code:java} {code} This problem occurs even with arrayFind() function. For example: {code
2835008 CF-4198320 Aaron N. Hi Poonam, AHA! (yes, I just confirmed that works) So, that would be a documentation bug then. That syntax is not documented here: Additionally
of contents item that links to community efforts on gitHub. Either way, the docs need updated to include more Script examples, or adding script support will be only for the highly skilled developer not the newbie just trying to learn or coming from a new language. Please do something to get more script
6352912 CF-4205456 Language : Scopes ARGUMENTS scope taking precedence over LOCAL scope in CFSET Problem Description RELATED TICKET: CF-4031746 REF PAGE: LOCAL
Michaela Light State-of-the-Art Tools That Keep ColdFusion Alive Am I the only one who gets excited when sitting down to hash out some new CFML code? You know. one of the best parts about using ColdFusion (or Lucee for that matter) is the ease of use. CFML is a language that is capable of many
Fusion secure? Is ColdFusion fast? How is ColdFusion evolving with the times? The benefits of modernizing your ColdFusion I’m thinking about switching to ColdFusion but… How ColdFusion differs from other languages What the future of ColdFusion looks like How will switching to ColdFusion make your life easier
2608063 CF-4197174 Language Joel Grimes Coldfusion does not expire empty-value cookies in IE Problem Description: In Internet Explorer, trying to set or expire an empty cookie results in a new session cookie with the name "cookieX" where X is some number and a value of "Y=" where Y is the cookie
2608264 CF-4148767 Language Matthew Clemente ToString() Member Function Broken for Binary Data Problem Description: variable.ToString() member function does not work Steps to Reproduce: test = ''; //mimic basic auth test = test.tobase64(); //start decoding test = test
2608626 CF-4044095 Language : Tags Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: 3520983 not fixed While testing CF11 Update 5's fixes, I found 3520983 was not fixed. Please see the following comment on that ticket: ----------- This is not fixed in CF11 Update 5 (nor in build The following still
2609033 CF-3944176 Language Jake Munson isValid() email does not accept unicode characters Problem Description: If you try to validate email addresses using the isValid() ColdFusion function, and you pass in a valid address using unicode characters, isValid returns false. Steps to Reproduce: Run
2596806 CF-3701665 Language danny armstrong Unexpected result when diffing dates Problem Description: Sometimes when two dates are compared the result is not what is expected. Here is example code that shows for most days of the year the difference is 32 months. For four days a year the result
2596981 CF-3223465 Language Stu Gray LOCAL scope variable undefined inside object literal in function call Problem Description: LOCAL scope variables are undefined when used inside an object literal which is declared in a function argument list. But only when used inside a loop. Steps to Reproduce
2596994 CF-3198651 Language Clive Morris milliseconds do not update as expected Problem Description: I wish to have an accurate millisecond timer. Both the GetTickCount() function and timeformat(now(),"L") display essentially the same data but there are jumps in the output, so the system
2613733 CF-3173191 Language : CFSCRIPT Sean Corfield for/in with query has inconsistent behavior compared to cfloop Duplicate ID: CF-3808648 Problem Description: When you loop over a query with cfloop, qryname.currentRow is updated for each row and qryName.col is also updated to refer to each row
2604102 CF-3033950 Language : CFSCRIPT John Wilson Bug 70986:(Watson Migration Closure)Please add support for calling a component method using associative array notation Related Bugs: CF-4035747 - Similar to Problem: Please add support for calling a component method using associative array
5722926 CF-4204307 Language : Member Functions Member Function Bug: Value must be initialized before use. Problem Description: Unhandled Exception Value must be initialized before use when referencing a structure in a member function Steps to Reproduce:
2608386 CF-4104256 External U. I'd prefer that Adobe adds a "isReservedWord()" function that will return yes/no and, if found, the category of reserved word and maybe the version it was introduced. I was negatively impacted when I tried to update CF Server and Adobe had added new reserved words
/c they are siblings in the same language (CF). So, if JavaMail () is updated to adhere to a newer RFC governing the email address format, then isValid("email") would need updated likewise. As for validation that checks if an email address is in its canonical (i.e. "addr-spec") form, I believe that feature is *nearly
2597908 CF-3041966 Language : Datastructure Ron Lebfrom Bug 83985:Coldfusion Updater 1 breaks coldfusion arraysDuplicating problem and deletion problems Problem: Coldfusion Updater 1 breaks coldfusion arraysDuplicating problem and deletion problems . We installed updater 1 on our production