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2611903 CF-3576112 External U. CommandBox could act as package manager Currently CommandBox is using lucee as a engine, I think, can do with ACF with some modification. Adobe CF engineering team may write a plugin / sort of module to use embed
How do I install ColdBox with CommandBox on a local ColdFusion service?
daniel fredericks Hey, I cannot tell you if 9.0.1 and Java 8 have issues, but I figure there are posts out there talking about just need to look...check out these forums and see. Now, how to test if you can update your code to cf11, 2016, or 2018...use commandBox. Check out
Comment on CLI/REPL - probably via CommandBox by HariKrishna K.
2952237 CF-4198437 Jim P. I agree with Brad's comment. With more and more people using CommandBox this should be enabled.
murpg Hi Charlie, you are correct it is indeed a fork of the Chris Weller repository. The difference being Brad Wood did a great job of making it a CommandBox module as well. I will be showing how to use it as a standalone tool and inside of the CommandBox CLI. 
Tracker Issue CF2018 Add On Issue
5747785 CF-4204399 Document Management : PDFg Service CF2018 Add On Issue Problem: CF2018 Add On Issue Method: Unable to verify the pdf service with CF (installed on CommandBox) CF installed on CommandBox and Add On Services installed locally on same machine. Result: exceptions in the log
Tracker Issue REPL support in CLI
2608690 CF-4022731 General Server ext-user REPL support in CLI REPL support support for JSR 223 Comments from Brad: CommandBox currently loads a custom CLI wrapper for Lucee that bootstraps the execution of a .cfm file. Please note though, that with Lucee 5 will come JSR-223 compatibility
CLI/REPL - probably via CommandBox
3152347 CF-4198818 Mingo H. Verified using CF11.0.11 vs CF11.0.12 on Windows 10 (running in CommandBox)
4557706 CF-4203068 Poonam J. Hi Brad, There is no filtration applied in my browser debugging tab. I also tried with three different browsers. Let me check this with CommandBox installation and will get back to you, Thanks Poonam  
5747785 CF-4204399 David B. CommandBox is becoming the standard for CF dev environments (on any framework). We could use a quick resolution on this one.
2608506 CF-4073906 James M. I downloaded latest versions of CF10, 2016 & 2018 beta using CommandBox using latest Firefox & Chrome and this cookie bug doesn't cause a "bad request" 500 error. (I also couldn't duplicate it w/Lucee.) So this bug may be restricted to Windows/IIS host environments
nothing happened 4. Install XQuartz Install Restart Computer 5. Try it again Type box Type start  Good news it works  Note: I way in the video the port does not work. The port is just find. I just had a typo in the file name Resources https://commandbox
James Mohler Taffy for REST: Part 2 Connecting to DB This video picks up where the last one ended.   Let’s do a quick recap of what have done done so far.   We have the Commandbox’s box.json and server.json ready. We have done and install of the Github repositories We need. I can see   Taffy
. For the first 30 days, it will become the Developer Edition automatically. Unless you are doing some highly advanced developement, the Developer Edition will work fine. And its free – Another way to get ColdFusion, Ortus Solutions, and download and install CommandBox. […] The post ColdFusion for Vue
icons Ortus CommandBox And, of course, Adobe ColdFusion Resources   The post Fancy Landing Page with VueJS appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog
Bradley Wood John, looked into running CFML on Lamda but never finished, mostly because no one was paying me and it looked like it would take some learning on my part. That said, I'm pretty sure you could do it fairly easily with CommandBox. It just that it would necessarily be Adobe CF... ahem
Bradley Wood The last I heard, the Docker images were held up on some internal issues related to licensing. If you need to deploy Adobe ColdFusion on Docker today, check out the Ortus Docker image which has been out for quite a while and supports all versions of CF.
Bradley Wood Just a note, you can always test the latest 2018 beta with CommandBox with this command: > start cfengine=adobe@2018-beta This requires no installation or download. If you were on the private alpha/beta note that all public beta builds have been on the standard "adobe" package
James Mohler I have become a fan of CommandBox lately. It is real easy to bring up ColdFusion on it. I am running MacOS. I have to admit I haven't tried to get it to mate with Apache.
James Mohler I am looking forward to being there next year. I greatly enjoyed the event. The two highlights for me were 1. Seeing CommandBox in action. 2. Seeing all the different ways people are using ColdFusion. Some of them I took home and I am trying them out.
James Mohler I would add VS Code as a great IDE + Github integration tool. Also before the CF Conference in Las Vegas, I never heard of CommandBox. Afterward I use it exclusively. That is one useful tool.
webmandman8 You can install it with Ortus/commandbox too, one simple command: server start cfengine=adobe@2020-beta so, I’m here for the docs? Where is the how-to on the cfpm package manager for the different engine modules? And any links you can provide for the multicloud services? How do you
3889968 CF-4200785 Bradley W. I have run into this issue before when putting CommandBox Adobe CF servers behind IIS. Someone else just contacted me with the same issue. Can this ticket be re-opened? It looks like it was closed as "cannot reproduce" without any discussion on the matter.
5747785 CF-4204399 David B. I reported this error to Abhishek Jah at ColdFusion support on May 10th, 2019 as it relates to our development environment. We're using CommandBox locally for development (so a WAR deployment) and we have a couple of projects that are cfhtmltopdf() intensive. I
6790746 CF-4207069 Piyush K. Doug, Can you confirm if the test code I shared, is a valid approach towards reproducing the issue. Do you have anything that can used on a standard CF installation, outside the context of CommandBox.
it here in commandbox, you can of course also implement it with CF as implemented without CB. I point to resources on that in my post, for those interested. As I discuss in my post, corretto (nor any opendk jvm implementation) is not yet formally supported by CF, and only light testing seems to have been
handleInitializableProblem WARNING: org.xerial's sqlite-jdbc is not loaded. Please provide the jar on your classpath to parse sqlite files. See tika-parsers/pom.xml for the correct version. For CommandBox users this is prominently displayed on a console or debug start and marked red. Steps to Reproduce
folder, ColdFusion will not load the hotfix jar prior to any update jars in the updates folder and any hotfixes may not work. This affects CommandBox, which sets an explicit coldfusion.classPath property ending with a slash. Steps to Reproduce: Start up an Adobe engine in CommandBox and add
6790746 CF-4207069 Piyush K. Doug, I understand, the issue is the time CF takes to process the first cfm request post server startup, and not really the time it takes for the server to start up. I've tried the test cf_compiler_test-master/run_tests.cfm on a commandbox based CF. I don't see
instance that is not commandbox based. I tried to reproduce the issue outside the context of commandBox, by generating 10k class files. restarting CF, hitting a helloworld CFM. It took 400ms to load. server startup time was 14318 ms. I'm attaching the test code I used, for your reference.
Charlie Arehart Good point, Brad. But we should clarify, for the sake of those perhaps not familiar with CommandBox, that it's not that *no* download of the engine would be needed. Your point (I assume) is that they don't need to do the download from Adobe using normal browser-based downloads
Bradley Wood Doug, if you want to use a containerized version of the 2018 beta, you can do so right now using the Ortus Docker images. They are powered by CommandBox, and therefore can start any CF engine/version and also come with CFConfig to manage all your config settings without needing
Jim Priest Great timing as I'm trying to stand up ACF Docker containers myself as I can't get the Add-on services working with Commandbox Docker. One question - when I start the vanilla ACF Docker image (I'm using 2016) it starts the migration wizard?   Why?  It's a container.  I can't figure out
/debug/images/open.gif And even when I change to the default "classic.cfm" template I see this: /CFIDE/debug/images/topdoc.gif This is a 2016 server started by CommandBox: server start cfengine=adobe@2016
2682687 CFB-3756008 Mukesh K. We tried the sample code from url( with ColdFusionBuilder 2018 and could not observe the issue. The 2018 release of ColdFusion Builder comes with Oxygen version 4
3583951 CF-4199999 Bradley W. Yes, sadly Lucee uses a different (and smaller) expression parser for the evaluate() function which has been a huge pain point for the CommandBox REPL since it means things like member functions chained to a literal work generally in Lucee but not correctly in the REPL
at For a commandbox based environment, I had some questions in my previous comment that I think went unanswered.
Java code. Not only can I not do this with CFML classes in CFML but I certainly can't do this with Java classes in CFML which is a pain. Instead I have to create and compile an actual Java class here:
5: Access Tokens with some real simple authorization appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,commandbox,framework,javascript,rest,training
have permission to post people's project without an explicit consent? MANY of the download links are dead. Do we try and track those down, or just give up on them? I've written a small CommandBox CLI Task runner which is grabbing all the binaries from the site that still have valid download URLs so
CFC cannot access generated accessor method. Steps to Reproduce: Clone this GitHub repo and use CommandBox to run the "box start" command in the root of the repo. After a few moments, the browser will open and you will see the error.
restrictive and makes no sense. Many apps actually require this setting to work as extra whitespace will break their ajax calls. With more and more people using things like CommandBox to run their Adobe servers, it's becoming an issue that this setting is not available to them. Lucee Server also makes
2608469 CF-4087803 Language : Java Integration Luis Majano Allow third argument to createobject to be one or more locations of jars Lucee supports this already and we need it for CommandBox as well. The third argument for createobject can be one or more paths where jar files can be classloaded
lots of special characters. When editing the a regex the other day in the file, the issue was happening all the time. I think's related to parsing the file. Here is the file if you want to play around with it:
quite what it is but there is something being exercised in the test suite than is slower on u6. The testsuite does make use of closures which the files you generate do not so it could be that maybe? You do not need to use CommandBox at all to try running the testsuite, it's just handy for switching
’s plan for a new Live Coding Series this Wednesday. They […] The post Modernize or Die® Podcast – CFML News for January 14th, 2020 – Episode 36 appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,CF Alive Podcast,Podcast,blog,cf alive podcast,CFML,coldbox,coldfusion_conference;,commandbox,podcast
GavinPickin 30+ ForgeBox Packages of the Week from 2019 Modernize or Die® CFML News Podcast ForgeBox is the NPM of the ColdFusion world, and with CommandBox, CFML's CLI, you can easily add new functionality to your project with a simple `box install packageName`. We decided to dedicate a portion
:// Summary: Gavin and Eric host this weeks episode.They discuss the big news, Corvid-19 and its affect on upcoming ColdFusion Conferences. They discuss the CommandBox 5.0.0 release and a new automated deployment for Lucee engines to ForgeBox, so the bleeding edge is updated daily. They discussed
the latest releast of the CommandBox Docker Images. […] The post Modernize or Die® – CFML News for March 24th, 2020 – Episode 46 appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Blog,News,announcements,blog,ColdFusion,news
2IEA-E Summary: Brad and Eric host this weeks episode. ColdBox 6 was actually finally released. Adobe ColdFusion 2020 Beta is now public, and is available on ForgeBox to start with CommandBox. They discussed ContentBox CMS is free and will always be, and this Mura discussion has sparked a big jump
Bradley Wood Yep, that's correct Charlie. The engine is downloaded, but it's done for you in the background without any effort from you and without touching a browser window, logging in, signing your life away, or running an installer :) And of course, this assumes you have CommandBox already
Tracker Issue Wishlist
2673037 CF-4155428 Wishlist Denard Springle Wishlist Modularity of ACF - single core with additional modules to augment the core with only what is necessary. (see Lucee.) Integration of CommandBox for both spinning up development ACF servers, for package management and for CLI integration Support
3889968 CF-4200785 Installation/Config : Connector Evagoras Charalambous X-Forwarded-For header does not handle the port properly Problem Description: If you are trying to reverse proxy an IIS site into a Developer's ColdFusion instance (even one with CommandBox), that fails on the spot, getting
think the workaround is fine. If java 8 is still supported, I would like to see a better workaround. The idea of manually copying files about isn't a very good solution when it comes to things like CommandBox servers which spin up completely automated and need to "just work" without user intervention
won't work for me. ColdFusion 2018 is failing in our ColdBox Travis CI build, which is run via CommandBox on the cloud in a private container that I have no access to, I can't even SSH into it. It's a 100% automated deployment, start server, run tests, stop server, destroy the container. I cannot
new port will be chosen even though Jetty would have had no issues binding to the port on a separate inetAddress Steps to Reproduce: Start up two CommandBox 2016 servers with CFConfig installed using the following .cfconfig.json files in the respective web roots: Server 1's .cfconfig.json file
do or die pieces, as well as keep up on new and upcoming features, modules etc. We also spotlight a new module from forgebox every week, encouraging developers to get commandbox and use forgebox, 2 ways to modernize their code, as we help the community share and grow, instead of wilting and dying
: External Test Config: My Hardware and Environment details: I've seen this behavior in the developer versions of CF11 and CF2016 installed on Windows 10 and on CF9 on Windows Server 2008. Also on CF10, CF11 and CF2016 on CommandBox running on Windows 10.
resource path) to be outside of the war. A stock Adobe war "works" on stock Tomcat only because the CFIDE folder is in the root of the war so it gets found there. In CommandBox, the base resource path is not the war so the web root lookup doesn't work and since the CF mapping is broken it cannot be found
start" in the folder in CommandBox. This will spin up an Adobe 2018 server. The index.cfm will automatically load and you can read the output on the screen and cross reference that to the code to see what is happening. Actual Result: Unrelated HTTP requests delete CF mappings on running requests
to parse sqlite files. See tika-parsers/pom.xml for the correct version. I realize this will likely be deemed a duplicate of It does sound the same, but that's about using Commandbox. I've gone ahead and created this to document in more detail how it affects
that this is NOT a duplicate of 4205255, at least I meant in respect to the fact that that's about using commandbox and this is about the Docker image, yet you went ahead and marked it as a dupe of that. :-) If the fact that I confirm this happens IN the image via cfinfo.bat, is that what makes it to you to be a
of mappings, but it had no affect. Steps to Reproduce: Here is a sample code repo on GitHub You can install this code and run it with CommandBox very easily. The Github readme shows you how to use the included Jmeter file to put some load
]+?\)|[^\s`!()\[\]{};:'"".,?«»“”‘’]))"; return isValid("regex", stringToCheck, URLRegex); } Identified & publicized on 1/24/2017. CF10.0.22+301868 & 11.0.11+301867 fail to identify a OneDrive URL as valid. (NOTE: Lucee 4.5 & 5 both return the correct result.) (Tested using Windows & CommandBox and TryCF
as having an error and showing a status code of 500. The servlet out log shows a NPE and a stack trace, and FusionReactor also shows a NPE with a different stack trace. Here is the error from the servlet container's (CommandBox) "out" log: javax.servlet.ServletException: ROOT CAUSE: java