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2597097 CF-3119991 Core Runtime david ames coldfusion.util.key leaks Problem Description: Objects of class coldfusion.util.key are never released for GC. We have a large CF application that will leak a few hundred MB per day of coldfusion.util.key classes. App server will crash after a few weeks
2608566 CF-4062006 Database david ames Connection not reset after each CFQuery Problem Description: sp_reset_connection is not being called after each CfQuery tag, therefore if Maintain Connections is enabled in the CFIDE, the following items will leak between CFQuery's across multiple requests. 1
2608726 CF-4015279 Caching david ames Poor performance using maxBytesLocalHeap & Hibernate objects Problem Description: If you use ehCache config with maxBytesLocalHeap and put a Hibernate object in cache, the operation takes a long time (5+ seconds), and the object is never put in cache
2596885 CF-3507060 General Server david ames HotFix for bug 3119991 does not work with CF9.02 Duplicate ID: CF-3119991 ** THIS APPLIES TO COLDFUSION 9.02, NOT 9.01 Problem Description: The hotfix for bug 3119991 does not work with ColdFusion 9.02 - ie, the memory leak in coldfusion
2596976 CF-3263093 Performance david ames Exception in onApplicationStart causes a leak of org.hibernate.impl.SessionFact┬Čory.Impl Problem Description: If there is an exception in the onApplicationStart event in application.cfc, every time the application attempts to load, 1 instance of org
2614276 CF-3120864 Core Runtime david ames Memory leak - coldfusion.util.key Duplicate ID: CF-3119991 Problem Description: Each unique structure key used in the JVM allocates a coldfusion.util.key object. References to these objects are held onto to and never eligible for GC. In production