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2609904 CF-3746091 Nimit S. Hi Deepak, This issue is resolved in the latest Public beta build. You can download the latest build to verify this issue. If you still face this issue then let me know. Regards, Nimit
2609904 CF-3746091 Serialization Deepak Kumar Datatype preservation not working with json serialization in row and column format Problem Description: In the CF11 docs it is mentioned that "Starting from ColdFusion Splendor, the data type is preserved during the code execution time for Query
2609904 CF-3746091 Nimit S. Hi Deepak, I tried replicating this issue but it seems to be working fine at my end. SQL Script: create table bugCF-3746091 ( name varchar(20), salary varchar(20) ) insert into bugCF-3746091(name, salary) values('David', '50000') insert into bugCF-3746091(name