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Comment on All CFM requests logged as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll in IIS 10.0 by e
Comment on Reload/Redirect Loop caused by HTTP2, IIS10 and Safari. by e
Comment on CFMAIL fails with IDN domains and German Umlauts and maybe other special chars by e
Bug 78160: within a method now created a attribute itn e variables scope instead of being ignored
Comment on Bug 78160: within a method now created a attribute itn e variables scope instead of being ignored by External U.
Comment on Cffile upload with ? char as filename by Eric E.
Comment on imagereadbase64() doesn't properly handle transparency by Gareth E.
2673567 CF-4126398 Jay G. I don't think the fix works well. The fix can't be backward compatibility. E.g., my code is - select s.spotlight_id,s.display_date,s.spotlight_image,s.spotlight_desc,l.e_site_name league_name,l.e_site_folder note,sp.sport_name from e_site l, spotlight s, sport sp , e
2613642 CF-3196330 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?490b1e781120447e943b29c20212e872
2614285 CF-3119638 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?cb1e55b68bab43fa8ab8e9e844757680
Comment on Cffile upload with ? char as filename by Eric E.
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: imageWrite applies temp directory permissions in some cases by Masha E.
2609896 CF-3749296 External U. Cheers for looking at this. Actually both the function expression and the writeDump() are red herrings. Better repro: writeOutput("direct method call"); try { result = {}; result.object=mid; result.type = mid.getClass().getName(); writeOutput("OK"); }catch(any e
2611536 CF-3614459 External U. Adobe, Please allow the following, for checking if the right-hand operand is NULL: e = variables.?a.?b.?c.?e; Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment on ColdFusion 2016 Update 8 breaks ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm in IE 11 by Samuel E.
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2613569 CF-3221663 Documentation .5 .5 Documentation When will CF10 have documentation to download? ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3221663 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: 2e2e2e2e2 External
CFC Returning a string with an E and surrounded by numbers as a JSON numeric value (without quotes)
2608752 CF-4010512 External U. if (e1 == e2) return 0; if (e1 > e2) return 1 return -1; Or... return e1 e2; It's not a matter of being terse, it's a matter of being *concise* for a fair common operation when dealing with collections of objects which need to be sorted or otherwise compared. It
2610328 CF-3710341 Language Adam Cameron struct.find() (and structFind()) error on missing key Repro: // struct.find.cfm st = {a="b",c="d"}; try { result = st.find("e"); } catch (any e){ writeDump([e.type,e.message,e.detail]); } This outputs: array 1 Expression 2 Cannot find e key
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: imageWrite applies temp directory permissions in some cases by Masha E.
2610009 CF-3737748 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?57270728e33449d7984fdf134e330fdc
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. E-mail delivery is extremely important. If we can't reliably deliver all e-mails to our customers, we need some way to track the ones that do not get delivered with a log.
2613666 CF-3194041 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?d15efc53e3a94f9bb27039836cc1450e
2613868 CF-3154884 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?e6268d31d5894431bb32183221b0e38f
2613885 CF-3150972 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?3dbc32433e604110ac7e4deb97756ae5
2613907 CF-3148756 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?f68f04d8b240447caf1a876291e31e19
2613920 CF-3148178 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?b8a2764e2268420fa3e71bd54de20017
2613924 CF-3146124 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?b17090c0e13443f4842e4385c0da85bf
2614206 CF-3125862 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?7b9f01244c0dDVARUD-4179865ac28d9e6e120b
2614209 CF-3125857 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?7b9f01244c0dDVARUD-4179865ac28d9e6e120b
2614272 CF-3121307 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?ab50bb3b8a444170bec62c5542e350e5
2614275 CF-3121288 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?ab50bb3b8a444170bec62c5542e350e5
Comment on Coldfusion 2018 CFIMAGE: Write an image to a file from Base64 string is not working. by Samuel E.
Comment on CreateODBCDateTime() with DateFormat() and CreateODBCTime() results in incorrect ODBCDateTime output by Shannon E.
2596686 CF-3864256 Language Adam Cameron Array for-in loop is broken for sparse arrays Repro: [#e#] for (e in a){ writeoutput("[#e#]"); } Tag version works fine; script version errors with: Variable E is undefined. Both should work the same. ----------------------------- Additional
2608496 CF-4076735 External U. see the attachment of a simple script that demos the issue with only 2 rows of data in a cfquery used to index the collection. This is the error thrown: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s349/sh/857e53d7-62ae-4ef2-9f8b-c03efc65280f/5b547b9e40124599e0fe168e19aabf67
2609590 CF-3827490 External U. Oh, a quick search for a reference, found: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusion/10.0/Developing/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbec0a0e0-7fdf.html#WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbec0a0e0-7fe8
2613653 CF-3194817 Himavanth R. Please check the description for overwrite attribute here. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusion/10.0/Admin/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbf3638e6-7ffc.html#WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbf3638e6-7fd8 You can add the html extension in neo-cron.xml
2598780 CF-3040952 General Server Adam Cameron Bug 82127:Summary: isValid() gives false positives when validating GUIDSSee steps to reproduce Problem: Summary: isValid() gives false positives when validating GUIDSSee steps to reproduce. The output is:[DE1F398D-CA9E-D0C6-D62F-E5E52BE0E229]: YES
2610574 CF-3695627 External U. This is listed as being fixed in 10,0,14,291717 (see http://helpx.adobe.com/coldfusion/kb/bugs-fixed-coldfusion-10-update.html), but it's not. The results of Chris's test code is: {"STR":1234E-1} {"STR":1234E-1 } {"STR":" 1234E-1"} Only the last come is correct
2596877 CF-3518518 External U. In what way has it been fixed? Repro: a = [ ["a", "b", "c"], ["d", "e", "f"], ["g", "h", "i"] ]; result = arrayFind(a, "e"); writeDump(var=result); Returns 0, whereas it should return [something] which indicates "e" is at position 2,2 of the array. So what
2597062 CF-3134331 External U. See also : (1,875 lt 80) == true http://trycf.com/scratch-pad/gist/548c4ee5d2a617e4e88e Instead it should throw an error, or treat the left hand side as 1875 (the number) in the sort of comparison.
2600943 CF-3038493 External U. +1, and a functionMap too, as suggested in this thread: https://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?d96ad6e1b5a5492e852124e8878d81a1
2610329 CF-3710336 Language Adam Cameron struct.filter() missing It looks like all struct functions have had their methods implemented except for structFilter(). Repro: // structFilter.cfm base = {a="b", c="d", e="f"}; filtered = structFilter(base, function(k,v){ return k == "a" || v =="f
" ) .ifPresent( function( e ){ consumerValue = e; } ); expect( consumerValue ).toBe( "luis" ); The parser will explode in the closure of the ifPresent() function because it has incoming arguments. If you remove the e argument, it compiles
2609648 CF-3815958 Language ext-user callback version of listSort does not honor delimeters like ":" ,"|". Honors only "," Problem: callback version of listSort does not honor delimeters like ":" ,"|". Honors only "," Method:Run the following code: mylist ="e:b:a:c:d"; sortedlist = List
2673656 CF-4119475 Language Adam Cameron There is no type for ordered structs See http://blog.adamcameron.me/2016/02/coldfusion-2016-slipshoddiness-from.html Basically none of this works as one would expect: ordered = [=]; try { param StructOrdered ordered; } catch (any e){ write
Bug 72678:Assuming "e" is an Excel object made with CF, you can't use cfcontent to serve it up
.adobe.coldfusion.server.ui.view.ServerView.createPartControl(ServerView.java:193) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.e4.compatibility.CompatibilityPart.createPartControl(CompatibilityPart.java:151) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.e4.compatibility.CompatibilityView.createPartControl(CompatibilityView.java:143) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.e4.compatibility
''%e3%81%be%e3%81%a9%e3%81%8b%e5%a4%89%e8%ba%ab%e5%be%8c; filename*1=.pdf charset is appended and non ascii characters are encoded. But as you said CF is not currently adhering to the rfc 2231 as below when asterisk is specified: Note that it is perfectly permissible to leave either the character
.writeln("***** TESTING OPTION: #option# *****"); CLI.writeln(""); CLI.writeln("using if"); try { if (returnsSomething(option)){ var result = "truthy"; }else{ var result = "falsey"; } CLI.writeln("Result: #result#"); }catch (any e){ CLI.writeln("Type: #e.type#"); } hr(); CLI
2931904 CF-4198408 Serialization Neo Ramos Incorrect (de) serialization of string Problem Description: When CF dynamically serializes a string such as "5E7434", it is detecting as a numeric value. Deserializing this same value returns a different value Steps to Reproduce: http
: Release Candidate External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Chris Dawes External Customer Email: 6E4E07633E41F0A4992001AB External Test Config: 10/27/2008
5747630 CF-4204401 Language structCopy cannot be used on exception object Problem Description: structCopy cannot be used on exception object Steps to Reproduce: var getNull = function(){}; try { foo = createObject( 'java', 'java.io.File' ).init( getNull() ); } catch( any e ) { e = structCopy( e
2611447 CF-3621124 External U. Same problem, it sems to be a static path to the developpers final version on drive E: Stack Trace at cfscheduletasks2ecfm672758571._factor31(E:/cf10_final/cfusion/wwwroot/CFIDE/administrator/scheduler/scheduletasks.cfm:188) at cfscheduletasks2ecfm672758571.runPage(E
2611935 CF-3572565 External U. This is not a fix, but I think you may be able to workaround this issue by using the sessioncookies attribute of CF10 in the cfapplication tag, or the this.sessioncookies variable in Application.cfc, see http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusion/10.0/Developing/WSe61e35
2601994 CF-3037353 External U. +1 - And please stop all recommendations for removing DOCTYPE. That is *BAD* for PR! Related Bug: #75878 Related thread: https://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?e1a1e30995654e39a1820294c30dc355
2682729 CFB-3737552 External U. Related comments: http://blogs.coldfusion.com/post.cfm/coldfusion-thunder-it-s-all-new-ide#comment-FB468F23-E782-943B-4A48EF416E30A021 http://blogs.coldfusion.com/post.cfm/coldfusion-thunder-it-s-all-new-ide#comment-09B8CF1A-0803-BF53-E9A836F42658D11C
.eclipse.ui.texteditor.AbstractDecoratedTextEditor.createPartControl(AbstractDecoratedTextEditor.java:445) at com.adobe.editor.common.AbstractCFBEditor.createPartControl(AbstractCFBEditor.java:635) at com.adobe.editor.cfml.core.CFMLEditor.createPartControl(CFMLEditor.java:448) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.e4.compatibility.CompatibilityPart.createPartControl(CompatibilityPart.java:151) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.e
[k] ?: {}; } catch (any e){ writeOutput("#e.message#"); } finally { writeDump(st); } try { st[k] = st.keyExists(k) ? st[k] : {}; } catch (any e){ writeOutput("#e.message#"); } finally { writeDump(st); } Result: "Variable ___IMPLICITARRYSTRUCTVAR2 is undefined." Expected: It should work. Workaround
2673460 CF-4126525 Language Adam Cameron Struct elements lost when sorting Repro: sorted = structNew("sorted"); sorted.azure = "blue"; sorted.adze = "tool"; sorted.adam = "dork"; sorted.alabama = 3; sorted = structNew("sorted", function(e1,e2){ return e1.len() - e2.len(); }); Result: adze
instead ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3563072 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: 2e2e2e2e2 External Customer Email: External Test Config:
Result: I wasted about a hour. Expected Result: It should work. This is basic. Any Workarounds: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3312917 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: 2e2e2e2e2 External
Comment on CFC Returning a string with an E and surrounded by numbers as a JSON numeric value (without quotes) by Daniel H.
3053611 CF-4198581 HariKrishna K. This fix would be available as part of next update, i.e., update5, for which timeline is not decided yet.
2931904 CF-4198408 Neo R. Please note that the code sample yields the same result with or without double quotes around the value ("5E7434" ),
2725379 CF-4198218 Paolo O. "1D " e "1F " stands for "double" and "float" ?!?
2608246 CF-4155418 External U. if needs more information to reproduce it I'm open to help by e-mail yargo.ar@gmail.com
2673456 CF-4126529 External U. I have uploaded stack trace, following e-mail correspondence with Piyush
2608641 CF-4038087 External U. E-mail sent with access details for PRODUCTION heap dump created yesterday, and jvm.config.
2608723 CF-4017002 External U. Using CF 11 update 5 execute the following code: #local.dir# the result is: C:\ColdFusion11\cfusion\runtime\work\Catalina\localhost\tmp\testZip/ 504B03041400080008009568EA460000000000000000060000001C0000007A69704D65323937313634373332393633333536363531362E746D
Dump(var={object=mid}); }); writeOutput("Via indirect reference"); safe(function(){ var midRef = mid; writeDump(var={object=midref}); }); function safe(f){ try { f(); }catch(any e){ writeOutput("#e.type#: #e.message#; #e.detail#"); } } ------------- Could you please confirm the same
2613898 CF-3149408 George M. We want to use Hibernate Envers and cannot will this ever e fixed?
Comment on Bug 87092:CF's parseDateTime does not understand float values generated by interaction with timespans (e by External U.
4676566 CF-4203250 Poonam J. I have dropped an e-mail on your ID. Please provide the details there. -Poonam
Comment on Cookies containing the '@' character are truncated (i.e. those with emails) by Kevin W.
Stephen Walker Saurav, These should not be in a table. Use h2 for the headings (e.g., Downloads), h3 for the sub-heading (e.g., ColdFusion 2018 Public Beta) and the lists below. Tables are for data, not layout.
Steve Sommers

Start simple. In your application.cfc, add an onError function like the following:

function onError( any e ){
writeDump( var=e, label=”Primary error” );

" with value m.e.r name "c2" with value m.e.r name "c3" with value m.e.r name "c4" with value m.e.r Expected Result: cookie - name "c1" with value m.e.r(12)=1 name "c2" with value m.e.r(12)=2 name "c3" with value m.e.r=1 name "c4" with value m.e.r=2 Any Workarounds: Using Get
. Steps to Reproduce: #i# Actual Result: tE65ACFC2-5056-9852-3BC66FCFAEE291C51 tE65ACFC2-5056-9852-3BC66FCFAEE291C52 tE65ACFC2-5056-9852-3BC66FCFAEE291C53 tE65ACFC2-5056-9852-3BC66FCFAEE291C54 [empty string
5783142 CF-4204461 Java Integration JavaCast() support for two-dimensional arrays JavaCast() currently only supports casting to a one-dimensional array e.g. JavaCast("long[]", value); Please add support for casting to a two-dimensional array e.g. JavaCast("long[][]", [[300,1],[0,0]]);
3012846 CF-4198528 Bryan H. Here is another example: try { evaluate("((abs(1))|)"); // invalid expression } catch (any e) { writeDump(serializeJSON(e)); // serialize the error with intent of viewing later (cant view later because produces invalid JSON) } Actual Result: ... "cur
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: imageWrite applies temp directory permissions in some cases by Masha E.
2609431 CF-3847740 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?fc6672d73f5c4b9ba0e39b84be9e99da
2609838 CF-3759721 External U. I have since upgraded to ColdFusion 11 and this bug continues to be a problem. Not only that, but it fails silently. No error message is shown on the screen; only in the exception log file. https://gist.github.com/atuttle/df18dc7e29e9b7d23217
2596884 CF-3508592 External U. Fixed in CHF4 - http://blogs.coldfusion.com/post.cfm/new-chfs-for-cf-9-and-cf-9-0-1#comment-0D0A0E56-A09F-F880-F86CE3FF48E5D250
2596894 CF-3498448 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, This ticket received another vote. Can it please be re-evaluated for Aether? Especially if the log message is being written to a non-CF log file (i.e. not server.log, application.log, etc), CF should just leave our log message alone (i.e. not strip our CRLF
module name: MSVCR90.dll, version: 9.0.30729.6161, time stamp: 0x4dace4e7 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x000000000001e409 Faulting process id: 0xc28 Faulting application start time: 0x01cd70f1cf77e572 Faulting application path: c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe Faulting module path: C
2613645 CF-3196326 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?60245985c8ac4dd9a6e94e9c410b7f0d
2613645 CF-3196326 External U. Adobe, I created #CF-3717523 so that you could see 9876543210987654321098 is converted to 9.876543210987654e+21. But, it correctly displays as 9876543210987654321098 in the Bug Base's grid. Could you please try running my code above and see
2613652 CF-3195173 External U. Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?87af6f0fb7e74138912c154ffd3be4dc Related thread: http://prerelease.adobe.com/r/?0fedeb6117264d30b6687e0dd6da2c7c