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Info: External Company: e-domizil External Customer Name: Alexander Haß External Customer Email:
2879837 CF-4198362 Language e-domizil License Team "Unable to reset the page encoding" with long comments in CFCs Problem Description: If a CFC has a very long comment in the beginning (somewhere between 5000 and 8000 chars) the CFC invoke will crash the CFM script. Example attached. Steps
3512827 CF-4199746 Scheduler e-domizil License Team cfschedule complains about endtime is earlier than starttime Problem Description: cfschedule has a bug. Steps to Reproduce:Run attached example after 9:00 am German time. Actual Result: "Start time 17:31:0 should not come after endTime 8
3620789 CF-4200057 CFIMAGE e-domizil License Team java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Numbers of source Raster bands and source color space components do not match Problem Description: CFimage errors Steps to Reproduce: Run example code Actual Result: Crash with "java
2892623 CF-4198379 REST Services e-domizil License Team Non-existent REST url with ".json" extension does not return JSON content Problem Description: If you access a missing REST service url e.g. "/bugs/0000000_rest_form/doesnotexists" you get a 404 error and the file not found content is XML
2902722 CF-4198388 Document Management : PDF generation e-domizil License Team Font disappears after some uptime Problem Description: We are running lots of CFDOCUMENT to generate PDF. After some time CFDOCUMENT creates PDFs that are no longer using "Verdana" font. They fall back to "Verdana Bold
2878888 CF-4198363 REST Services e-domizil License Team REST returns "Unsupported Media Type" Problem Description: We followed your documentation from and https
2672870 CF-4160482 REST Services e-domizil License Team CFHEADER does not work inside a webservice Problem Description: We need to set a proper status code for a request to a webservice on application level. If a user is not authorized he need to get a HTTP status code "401 Unauthorized". Steps
2673168 CF-4147965 Language : Tags e-domizil License Team Variable INDEX is undefined in CFLOOP if surrounded by CFOUTPUT Problem Description: Variable INDEX is undefined. The specific sequence of files included or processed is: index.cfm, line: 3 Steps to Reproduce: Run attached repro case
3479371 CF-4199631 connector e-domizil License Team All CFM requests logged as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll in IIS 10.0 Problem Description: If ColdFusion ist installed on Windows 2016 every request is logged as "/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll" and not with the real URL like before in Windows 2012 R2
Workaround: None. Also able to reproduce the issue with ColdFusion Splendor (Version 10,0,0,285950) ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3702938 External Customer Info: External Company: E-DOMIZIL GMBH External Customer Name: Alexander Haß
2672103 CF-4197664 REST Services e-domizil License Team REST Service response is broken, if a response struct contains STATUS key Problem Description: A rest service is called and the responds contain "status" as key with an integer as value. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Extract Attachment to some
2902716 CF-4198387 Performance e-domizil License Team java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace Problem Description: Since we upgraded from CF10 to CF2016 we are running permanently into java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace errors. Several tries to increase heap and other stuff has not worked
2672803 CF-4166924 Debugging e-domizil License Team CFDUMP is missing CSS / JS code and makes cfdump output difficult or impossible to read Problem Description: We send a mail with the result of a CFDUMP as mail message body. After sending the mail we use another CFDUMP in the same file (see
2672816 CF-4165524 Functions : Datetime e-domizil License Team Datetime functions return incorrect / inconsistent results Problem Description: Several date functions return incorrect results and are inconsistent. It is also not working as written in documentation. IsDate(datetimeString) Is
2672871 CF-4160466 Language e-domizil License Team CFLOOP with scoped variable name in 'index' attribut crashes with "Incompatible object argument error" Related Bugs: CF-4166492 - Blocking Problem Description: In CFLOOP we cannot use scoped variable names for 'index' attribut. The specific
2673061 CF-4154053 Database e-domizil License Team MySQL DD corrupts UTF-8 data / MySQL 5 does not Problem Description: We have an UTF8 database on mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.46sp1, for Win32 (ia32) Steps to Reproduce: 1. Configure MySQL DD (data direct) with this mysql server 2. Run selects
2673102 CF-4150733 Database e-domizil License Team Leading and trailing spaces in QueryOfQuery WHERE conditions not removed Duplicate ID: CF-4043047 Problem Description: It looks like CF2016 compared to CF10 does no longer remove trailing and leading spaces in QueryOfQueries WHERE conditions. A
2673113 CF-4150357 Functions : String e-domizil License Team ReplaceNoCase fails to replace properly with special char "ß" Problem Description: If you replace a string with "ß" (german special char) this replace fails and ends with some brackets and the number Steps to Reproduce: SPECIAL CHAR
2673159 CF-4148583 Functions e-domizil License Team cfoutput with attributecollection causes "cannot find encodefor key in structure" error Problem Description: May 4, 2016 15:36:30 PM Error [http-nio-8500-exec-4] - Cannot find encodefor key in structure.The specified key, encodefor, does
2608807 CF-3989753 General Server e-domizil License Team sends a cookie Problem Description: This seems to be a regression from CF8. We expect that cfparam prevents from undefined variables inside our coldfusion code, but not that cfparam trying and failing of doing the job of “cfcookie
3475133 CF-4199617 Core Runtime e-domizil License Team ColdFusion service does not start with large cfclasses folder Problem Description: We expierence startup issues of ColdFusion. This happens when the folders "C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot\WEB-INF\cfclasses" has 50K or 75K class files cached
2929349 CF-4198407 Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler e-domizil License Team Compiler sometimes fails to compile the java classes for function expressions (or closures) Problem Description: When large numbers of classes are compiled at once, the compiler sometimes fails to compile the java classes
2671777 CF-4198082 Language e-domizil License Team CFMAIL fails with IDN domains and German Umlauts and maybe other special chars Problem Description: If we use IsValid() to validate email addresses it returns YES for email addresses with German Umlauts. This are valid, so IsValid is working