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memoize functions in CFML
Member functions for encoding
[ER]: Formatting functions Support
Cannot invoke anonymous functions
Practical uses for reduce functions
Type-Specific vs Type-Casting member functions
[ER]: Additional Member functions Support
Add higher-order functions for strings
String member functions don't cast
[ER]: Decision Member functions Support
syntax coloring on cfscript functions
Dictionary changes to list functions
Add isFile and isDirectory functions
[ER]: Numeric Member functions Support
Memory leak in spreadsheet functions
CFFiddle for Array, String, and Math functions
Map, Reduce, and Filter functions in ColdFusion
Other type-centric member functions should be implemented
Deprecate ODBC functions, enhance date-formatting functions
Member functions are not first class
Add ability to override built-in CF functions
ColdFusion member functions for XML object management
Add parallelism to xEach() functions and loops
YesNoFormat() and BooleanFormat() as member functions
Code assist doesn't understand member functions
wsdl2 does not show extended functions
The power of ColdFusion functions and closures
Please make date member functions consistent.
Promote built-in functions to be first-class
Member functions cannot be called on literals
Member functions cannot be called on literals
Enable "spreadsheet to query" for functions
ColdFusion incorrectly executes custom functions named queryExecute()
Datetime functions return incorrect / inconsistent results
Improve scalar functions in query of query
Improve scalar functions in query of query
htmlEditFormat() missing from deprecated functions page
Scope look-up order is wrong in functions
[ANeff] ER for: Numeric member functions
Many string member functions not implemented
[ANeff] Bug for: some list member functions return incorrectly inside headless functions
Few Image functions are not shown in the Coldfusion image functions list
sort member functions should accept compare and compareNoCase functions as comparator callbacks
String member functions break existing code that relies on java.lang.String member functions
[ANeff] ER for: syntax coloring of member functions
Built-in functions as "first class" glitch in function return values
Create native functional style functions that make use of closures
CFFiddle for Spreadsheet, List, Struct, and Date/Time functions
CFFiddle for Flow control tags and a few more functions
[ANeff] ER for: all CF functions to accept named parameters
[ANeff] Doc Bug for: 'clustered' parameter undocumented for WS* functions
Custom functions named "trace" don't raise the expected errors
Replacing QueryConvertForGrid with Window functions and Common Table Expressions
Not all numbers have the same member functions
Comment on [ER]: Additional Member functions Support by Aaron N.
Comment on [ER]: Decision Member functions Support by Aaron N.
A lot of member functions cannot be chained
Always include functions and properties in CFC metadata
Exceptions raised from member functions gets wrapped in Application exception
Bug 84120:Overloading of operators and standard functions in components
Bug 86892:GetComponentMetaData functions array unable to be iterated using for
[ANeff] Doc Bug for: struct member functions duplicated in docs
Built-in functions as "first class" glitch in function expressions
Comment on memoize functions in CFML by Jim Priest
Comment on memoize functions in CFML by Charlie Arehart
[ANeff] ER for: member functions should return a useful value
Comment on Add higher-order functions for strings by Bradley W.
Comment on Add isFile and isDirectory functions by External U.
[ANeff] Doc Bug for: CFFiddle's restricted tags and functions undocumented
[ANeff] Bug for: Array Case functions cannot find XML
Mishandling of local scope in inline higher order functions
Member functions can't be chained to struct/array literals