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2836713 CF-4198321 Document Management : PDF manipulation gavy randhawa CFPDF watermark fails when provided encryption to cfdocument Problem Description: CFPDF watermrk fails when in cfdocument encryption is provided. the cfdocument code is writte witth format as pdf and encryption setup to 128
2613486 CF-3307421 Web Container (Tomcat) gavy randhawa Coldfusion Does not Upper Extension of .Cfm Duplicate ID: CF-3199283 Related Bugs: CF-3199283 - Similar to Problem Description: The Problem with Coldfusion 10 is it does like the extension .Cfm or .CFM, I have only tested with Coldfusion 10
3142114 CF-4198802 Language gavy randhawa sameformfieldsasarray not working when using Application.cfm Problem Description: When i use Application.cfm file and set the Value of the sameformfieldsasarray = true, it still shows the values as List, Instead of Array Steps to Reproduce: 1. Create a