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Mobile App development using Coldfusion?
Support for server side tags and functions in CF Mobile development
Mobile App Development Process – How Does an Idea Become an App?
5284753 CF-4203969 Documentation Docs for CF Mobile feature have a phantom first link that fails In the docs for the CF Mobile feature, in the Developing Apps guide, there’s a problem with the first sub-section of that mobile apps section. Let me explain the problem, and some possible solutions
Join us for Online CF Meetup, July 16: “What Web Developers Can Learn From Native Mobile Developers”, with TJ VanToll
2672869 CF-4160535 External U. What is absolutely necessary on your Mobile Application Development (as well as every other doc) is to have peer navigation so that the user can get to and from each page, as well as back to the Table of Contents. The user would never know that what they're reading
Creative Design For You What’s new in Adobe ColdFusion? Can you anyone tell what new features will come in 2020 in ColdFusion and what type of problems it will solve. The post What’s new in Adobe ColdFusion? appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcement,Prerelease,Question,announcement,mobile
” profile during CF installation (as discussed here). It’s not that it’s used by the installer itself. Rather, it’s implemented for use with the weinre (mobile development inspection) feature that was also new in CF11, as part […] Blog,ColdFusion
2609893 CF-3750729 External U. I'm not entirely sure why this is an issue anyway. Unless I'm very much mistaken, Cfclient is only used during development of a mobile application, not to power a production site. It is only processed during application testing and packaging, right? If you develop
SauravGhosh What is Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise (2018 release)? The 2018 release of Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise Edition is a battle-tested, high-performing application server that simplifies web and mobile application development in enterprise environments. Deploy, maintain, secure, and monetize
2609123 CF-3926479 S V. Mobile DOM inspection is a development feature gets enabled only when the server is installed using development profile. When server is installed using production profile this issue will not occur. When server is installed using production profile the installer comments out
2610893 CF-3671657 ORM Support Abram Adams Implement oData (Open Data Protocol) API via ORM/Hibernate to Produce and Consume oData With development trends moving rapidly to mobile platforms (as well as a trend back to thick client paradigms: SPAs, web native OS, Chrome Apps, etc..) and CF's new
2682989 CFB-3713268 PhoneGap Matt Gifford Ability to view PhoneGap Build QR code from panel in IDE As a developer I would like to remain within the IDE as much as possible. After I've submitted a mobile project to the PhoneGap Build service and the panel has refreshed I would like to be able to see
development has been slow and misguided, with a lot of time wasted on Flash infrastructure carried on way beyond when it should have been, mobile app development too, that was and is all rubbish. I would say that CF 2018 and it's features should have been done at least two major releases back. I
'm encountering an error where i can't update an object which is being managed in the table per subclass with discriminator object heirarchy as described here: what happens is that i can create the object and save
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