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Missing "width" attribute in CFCHART attributes in new features guide
Comment on Missing "width" attribute in CFCHART attributes in new features guide by Adobe D.
Comment on Missing "width" attribute in CFCHART attributes in new features guide by Frank J.
problem in beta new features pdf, getSystemFreeMemory (etc.) listed as being under Scheduler section
Comment on Missing "width" attribute in CFCHART attributes in new features guide by External U.
Comment on Missing "width" attribute in CFCHART attributes in new features guide by Aaron N.
in beta new features guide, cfinput appears under "displaying geolocation" in left navbar table of contents. incorrect.
Comment on problem in beta new features pdf, getSystemFreeMemory (etc.) listed as being under Scheduler section by Adobe D.
There is no table of contents for the beta new features guide, makes it hard to appreciate all that's new in the 224 page doc
Comment on in beta new features guide, cfinput appears under "displaying geolocation" in left navbar table of contents. incorrect. by Vamseekrishna N.
Building a server side functionalities rich mobile application using new CF Mobile features
Comment on There is no table of contents for the beta new features guide, makes it hard to appreciate all that's new in the 224 page doc by External U.
Comment on There is no table of contents for the beta new features guide, makes it hard to appreciate all that's new in the 224 page doc by Vamseekrishna N.
RAHUL UPADHYAY ColdFusion 2018 features Webinar by Rakshith Naresh   Learn about the new exciting features in ColdFusion 2018. Join the webinar hosted by ColdFusion Product manager Rakshith Naresh today at 8:30 AM PST. Register Now The post Cold
2599693 CF-3039821 General Server John Mason Bug 79638:Missing features in adminapi Problem: Missing features in adminapi.Toggling on/off the implicit UDFs Toggling on/off onServerStart optionThe new 'Document' section of the Administrator has no admincfc interfaceThese types of problems have been
Creative Design For You What’s new in Adobe ColdFusion? Can you anyone tell what new features will come in 2020 in ColdFusion and what type of problems it will solve. The post What’s new in Adobe ColdFusion? appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcement
2614070 CF-3133316 External U. This would be great new feature for CF11!
Exciting New Features in Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Webinar by Elishia Dvorak
On the new CF2018 “named parameters” feature
2613039 CF-3350715 Rupesh K. This is not a bug but an enhancements and this was addressed with new "Generic Script syntax" feature introduced in ColdFusion 11. New features can't be added in the older releases.
Comment on Exciting New Features in Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Webinar by Elishia Dvorak by RAHUL UPADHYAY
James Mohler I like that some of the examples have semicolon and some don't. That was a good new feature too.
2613667 CF-3193643 Frank J. What is this new features guide? If it is still relevant for CF docs and if it affects the manuals, please let me know.
2614079 CF-3133295 External U. Pitty that new features like this are not automatically done with cfscript at the same time. Pretty bad not thinking about this if you ask me :-)
2614306 CF-3117809 Rupesh K. This is a new Feature request. Cant be taken up now. Deferred.
2612070 CF-3560964 External U. So you introduced a new BROKEN feature and remove a working feature that people relied on? C'mon this is just sloppy. Restore the old behavior and FIX the new feature.
which currently does not exist at all. This can happen today regardless of the new features I'm requesting. The other ticket is to add a new feature to the silent installers which will probably need documented as well, but it is really unrelated to this ticket. Please reopen this ticket so the docs
Comment on On the new CF2018 “named parameters” feature by James Mohler
2608075 CF-4196700 External U. CFHTMLTOPDF is advertised as a new feature that "generates 'high quality' content" but if it cannot even generate content formatting properly, even something as simple as a page breaking method, what then is the point?
2608654 CF-4033627 External U. In hindsight I think this should be closed as it's not a new feature and adding ArrayConcatenate() would create a duplication in the language.
2612810 CF-3426811 External U. This bug is preventing us from upgrading CF in our production environment, and by extension, preventing us from implementing new features that leverage CF 10.
2613580 CF-3217374 External U. I am very excited to start using the new features ColdFusion 10 introduces; however, the lack of support for the geography datatype is a major concern.
version loses all existing subscriptions and API keys. Updating an API using the new version feature retains the subscriptions and API keys but does not see resource definition changes. When creating a new version of an API, you must manually enter any changes to the arguments or resource names
Comment on On the new CF2018 “named parameters” feature by James Mohler
Charlie Arehart

Great, Chris, and I’ve voted.

You may want to consider posting a new comment (pointing out the feature request and url) in addition to this reply. Some people may not bother to click to expand/show replies, but they may see top-level comments.

Indeed, you

2673677 CF-4118885 Security Analyzer Aaron Foote [AF] - Security Analyiser - Incorrect support for depreciated cfform The security Analyizer's CSRF functionally ONLY works on CFForm - CFFORM is depreciated and should not be receiving new features - As CFFORM is depreciated it should
Piyush Nayak ColdFusion 2016 API Manager Update 1 released Update 1 for ColdFusion 2016 API Manager was released on 9th June 2017. It introduces new features such as a JavaScript connector for configuring User Store, a new Token-based authentication support and packages enhancements like additional
Bug 75583:(Watson Migration Closure)New feature request: should have the href attribute
2612810 CF-3426811 External U. This prevents us from upgrading CF which prevents us from using the new CF10 features in our product.
Charlie Arehart Miguel, I realize you as asking Adobe, but since it's been a day, I'll say that the answer seems "yes and no". First, the tool does offer to update CF to the latest available update, so from that perspective, yes the tool is "updated to include" the new security features
features to point releases, something is horribly wrong.  The concept of semantic versioning is completely lost on the ColdFusion team, and they prioritize new features over critically-ranked bugs. They are clearly responding to someone’s priorities, but without transparency into that process, I
2673356 CF-4126702 Language : General Sean Corfield Immutable query attribute has negative semantics Related Bugs: CF-4052040 - Similar to Problem Description: immutable query has "negative" attribute name/value Steps to Reproduce: cfquery mutable="false" Actual Result: To use a new feature you
Missing # on New feature list
the Dev edition should emulate Standard or Enterprise. I will post a new top-level comment highlighting the feature request Chris offered, as many may miss it in these second-level replies.
Charlie Arehart Resources for learning more about CF2016 Think you have a good handle on the many things that were new in ColdFusion 2016, or do you think there were only a couple of new features? In this post, I point you to a couple dozen resources which highlight both its major and minor
to be deployed. So for the 3 or 4 instances I have to install I have to go to the cfusion instance, make the instances, go into the instances and load the car files. It would be so nice if the file input was right there on the instance creation page. Or even better would be a new feature to export some sort
New cfmailparam feature
as possible, without being ill-effected by possible problems introduced by other bug fixes/new features. There is precedent for the proposal I am making, in the way Oracle has in the past handled this problem with Java updates. Bottom line, the idea is to have two updates each time: - one would have JUST
2682667 CFB-3775120 External U. This bug also breaks the "Install New Software" feature saying the program hasn't been setup correctly to do so.
RAHUL UPADHYAY REST enhancements in ColdFusion Check Out new features enhancement of REST in ColdFusion 2018.   REST PLAYGOUND Support for REST functions with component as argument Support for onRESTRequest Change
Comment on Exciting New Features in Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Webinar by Elishia Dvorak by Mark Gregory
2609590 CF-3827490 External U. Not really a bug, in my opinion. The syntax for for-in loops is: for (someKey in someStructure) { } The fact that your example works with a list is accidental. Nevertheless, you may request it as a new feature to extend the language.
2612086 CF-3559652 External U. I am not too interested in most of the new "features" Adobe adds in each release. However, it is this kind of improvement alone that would cause me to upgrade. We started playing Railo precisely for this exact bit of syntactic sugar and would love to see
2613597 CF-3208541 External U. The CF10 Developer Week session on new features says it's "ApplicationMetadataGet". Please see the "20120630_ApplicationMetadataGet.jpg" screenshot I just attached to this ticket. This just adds to the confusion.
2603753 CF-3035230 External U. +1 from me as well. even on production servers you sometimes have some directories in which you want to show new features, etc. in development!
6271442 CF-4205334 Charlie A. Just a minor grammatical revision to the above. The first bullet item should have read (slight change in wording in parentheses): - one would have JUST the latest security fixes (AND it it would have any bug fixes/new features from the PREVIOUS update)....
2613667 CF-3193643 Database Ron Stewart CFUPDATE support for fetchClientInfo attribute The previously-published "new features guide" does not indicate CFUPDATE supports new fetchClientInfo attribute, despite the other database interaction tags supporting it. Unknown whether this is a documentation
2609112 CF-3928680 External U. So another wiz bang feature added, that in the long run is of no real value because it is not extended to support real use cases and already outdated. You guys really need to get out of the habit of finding new features to add, dropping it in, and walking away
3364694 CF-4199436 Aaron N. Adobe? In a release focused on type-preservation, this ticket isn't being implemented yet? You keep adding features we can't use (like adding query rows via array notation) when we actually _rely_ on type being enforced. And preventing us from being able to use new
as well as add a couple of exciting new features. Home Screen The new ColdFusion Administrator sees the introduction of a new home screen. The home screen shows the main categories of settings as tiles. Clicking on a […] The post New Administrator UI in ColdFusion appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog
the release. Hope that's helpful, for you or readers. Indeed, for those interested in links to more on each new feature, I have those (and a different presentation of the new features) at a teo-part series I did:
2598073 CF-3041771 External U. Wow, this has been closed with the reason "notabug"? I didn't file it as a bug report. I filed it as a *feature request*. It says so clearly at the top: "Feature CF-3041771" Adobe, why are you closing feature requests with that status?
not been able to deploy CF2018 to production yet because every single updater has broken a major feature.  The ternary operator was broken up until Update 5, and then update 5 broke CFOUTPUT and the ISAPI connector.  The team is cranking out tons of new features, but that doesn't mean squat if we literally
2672829 CF-4161392 Wishlist James Mohler Use Java String Deduplication ColdFusion should be able to use Java string De-duplicaton
), then returned Len/Pos/Match struct is not wrapped in an array. Note: This new feature is undocumented. Filed doc bug CF-4199526. Thanks!, -Aaron
Bug 80554:(Watson Migration Closure)New Feature Request: Now that cfscript is so much more syntax compatible with JavaScript, allow (cfscript src="/path/MyJavaScriptFile
2608587 CF-4057613 External U. This new behavior may be fantastic for most people, and one day I may be ready to use this too, but this feature needs be configurable so that new CF10 updates are safe for us to apply.
Fusion internally guessing the type of the object in order to perform appropriate actions on the object. ColdFusion 2018 addresses concerns on being more type friendly, while being backward compatible with two new features – Datatype Preservations and Typed Arrays. Datatype preservations ensure the […] The post
to developers outside the community is so important. Together, we can help to solve issues, learn new features, and create better code for the future. Without active CF experts and developers in a community, ColdFusion wouldn’t be really […] The post Making Adobe ColdFusion a Thriving Community appeared first
) numeric member functions fail on date, and vice-versa It's a mixed-bag. And it's rearing its head in situations like above (i.e. a simple value passes thru an argument of type X, but doesn't have type X's member functions). That makes developers think twice before using a new feature (ex: like member
bung JS. Adobe, can you please re-open this? It doesn't make sense to let a new feature break an existing feature - especially when CF itself is the one handling both sides of the equation. The two hands can talk, yes? =P Thanks!, -Aaron
and cannotreproduce, could you confirm what you tried? I offered a specific example in my blog that did work differently between the two timeout features, and the votes and the comments at the blog suggest that the new DSN query timeout does indeed help with some long-running queries, where the old timeout attribute
to Reproduce: Operating System: 32-bit Windows 7. (1) Save the following code as the file C:\ColdFusionRaijin\cfusion\wwwroot\pdf_new_cf12_features\pdf_metadata_export_via_cli.cfm: (2) Save the attached PDF file as C:\ColdFusionRaijin\cfusion\wwwroot\pdf_new_cf12_features\testFile.pdf. (3) Run
in attendance. Here some of our best and brightest gave sessions on many new features of ColdFusion 2018 and QOL talks. Lots of great info that was presented here. But with all these new updates from Lucee (Check out this MAJOR LUCEE […] The post CF India Summit Part Three: All About ColdFusion Scheduled Tasks
functional programming to take the fore-front we are still missing several features. Having a way to filter a collection for only 1 element with a break is non-existent. I propose either a new function called **first( closure )** that can give me the first element that passes the closure syntax
Charlie Arehart Petros, I think you're reaching here. For one thing, other recent blog posts from Adobe about new features in CF2018 have indeed had indentation of code (though not color coding, which would be nice but is not imperative). See for instance:
Portal Topic ColdFusion 2016
environments and have many clusters of CF servers running on Linux.  CF 2016 was packed with new features and performance has been improved greatly.  We have had very few issues at this point.  We are […] The post ColdFusion 2016 appeared first on ColdFusion. API manager,Success Stories,Testimonial,2016,api
2614022 CF-3136799 Rupesh K. Unfortunately, the rendering engine used for cfdocument does not allow us to do this. That's the reason this feature has not been done since CF 8. We will have to defer it yet again
Charlie Arehart But to be clear, the PMT is not an Enterprise-only feature, right? Can you clarify for folks what is new in 2018 that is Enterprise-only ? From what I've been able to find, it seems that the only thing is the distributed cache options (Redis and Memcached) for the caching features
Priyank Shrivastava Connection String for ColdFusion (using Oracle advanced Security) Oracle has introduced a new security feature, Oracle Advanced security, for Oracle databases. This feature provides better data encryption other advanced security features to secure user data. For more details
2598073 CF-3041771 External U. Adobe, could you please explain what you mean by "cannot reproduce"? This is a feature request. So... err... *obviously* you can't reproduce it! -- Adam
2598073 CF-3041771 External U. I have a few queries that aren't essential that they complete, but (very rarely) run very long. I would love to be able to use a timeout attribute for just those queries that always works (ala the feature in the cfadmin).
2614215 CF-3125331 External U. This is a must have! Allowing other client technologies to connect to CF-WebSockets will be a feature that can attrackt new users.
Charlie Arehart Hidden Gems in CF2018, part 4 – Dev features: CFML REPL, CFFiddle, and REST Playground In part 4, we begin to turn our attention to developer feature changes in CF2018, particularly the new CF2018 CFML REPL feature, the CFFiddle site, and the CF2018 REST Playground feature. The post
to build the additional feature to implicitly pick the datasource from the CFTRANSACTION tag instead of doing it from the datasource tag of the first query in the transaction block which is what I presume the current CF platform must be doing now. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
Kishore31 Adobe ColdFusion Roadshow February 20 – March 3 Join the Adobe team as we begin the year with a series of Roadshows!  Breakfast will be provided, and you’ll hear about the new features in the upcoming release and direction of Adobe ColdFusion along with more detailed plans over the next
Michaela Light CF India Summit: Part Two- Keeping Up to Date With Modernized ColdFusion This article is inspired by the hardworking Adobe CF team members who are giving sessions at the upcoming CF India Summit. Many sessions will be given on new features and advancements that they have worked so
created within the context of an application (mode="application"). Is this by design, and if so, what's the value in specifying application-specific scheduled tasks? I _want_ to use these cool new features in CF, but from what I can tell, there's nothing this provides that the URL-based approach doesn