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Comment on Amazon Corretto Support/ Java Going away by rcasdorph
Comment on Running ColdFusion on Corretto by rcasdorph
rcasdorph Amazon Corretto Support/ Java Going away Looking for Java Answers in 2019. Is there a plan to either get CF on Java 11 or get users the new patches?  Will there be support for Corretto? The post Amazon Corretto Support/ Java Going away appeared first on ColdFusion. CF2016 Updates
Charlie Arehart James, I know you’re asking Cavan, and I had the same question at first when I saw the comment, but I think the point he or she is making was about how Amazon will be supporting Coretto for such a long time.But neither of you (nor the OP, rcasdorph) have responded to my other
Charlie Arehart To rcasdorph, yes. Adobe is aware of the issue, and has begun addressing it (more in a moment). First, though, it's not that you won't be able to use Java 8 without paying for it: it's that you are not going to be able to get *updates* to it for free, if you use it for commercial