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API Manager Request and Response Logging
has been committed The specific sequence of files included or processed is: /var/www/html/template.cfm'' " Seemingly randomly we get these errors in our application.log, with corresponding 500 responses in our apache log. They are currently infrequent -- 2 or 3 requests per day. The concerning part
3122939 CF-4198749 Language : Application Framework : ApplicationCFC Peter Freitag Add onAfterRequestEnd to Application.cfc It would be useful to do some processing onAfterRequestEnd, that is after the response has been sent to the client. This would allow you to perform things like logging
2609882 CF-3752424 External U. This isn't how any language system I've seen actually works. The whole point of try/catch is that YOU are responsible for the error handling and YOU are responsible for logging those exceptions if that's what you want. That's true of every language system I've worked
2609882 CF-3752424 External U. Adam, here is what I here Sean saying. If you are writing an Application and you use try / catch, it becomes your responsibility to log the errors. Really! I know that. The mis-conception is that we have 4 Applications in play here, we have. 1) The CFML
(although obviously I only said "me too", really). Sean summed it up as much as was needed with this: "The problems you are seeing are the same: the try/catch code is the problem, not the underlying lack of logging in CF." And: "The whole point of try/catch is that YOU are responsible for the error
. This is an intermittent error that I can't find nor can the host as there are no logs for it. The code is not my code causing the error, but ColdFusion itself not handling an exception error correctly. So should I then become responsible for capturing and logging these, no, I don't believe that is my responsibility
Fusion is doing wrong, or something that is being caused by other connection issues or whatever is serious enough to bring ColdFusion itself down, be logged in the ColdFusion logs by ColdFusion and not the make it the Applications responsibility. As far as our code goes, nothing will change. The only change
of any CFML running under it, ColdFusion should be responsible for logging critical exceptions so Adobe can gather more information. I mean if ORM fails it logs what it has too, before passing it onto ColdFusion to do what it has too, but it just passes it back to the CFML Application without doing
mean if its a user fault or specific only to one website, no that should not be captured." So... wait. You want CF to log errors. CF only DOESN'T log errors when it is in try/catch, for the reasons we discussed below. (Ie, in a try/catch the user is responsible.) You don't agree with that logic - that
not necessarily agree... a toggle for logging stuff caught in try/catch. But you are now saying, "yes, we will log stuff in try/catch, but only some stuff." I think that is even worse than the original request (as I understood it anyway).
at this from the Application point of the equation! That's it I have made my case and I still believe in the enhancement being requested, just because you can't see what it is that is being asked is not my fault either. Just because it is norm to log in a catch, doesn't mean the lower level language should
3322599 CF-4199244 Terry F. Here is a sample exception log entry for the error above: "Error","ajp-nio-8016-exec-25","07/24/17","04:03:12","TheAPP","Cannot create a session after the response has been committed The specific sequence of files included or processed is: /var
2611797 CF-3590745 Rupesh K. oh sorry Adam. I didn't notice that you were waiting for my response on this. yes, Adam Tuttle has explained it well in your blog comment. The idea of supporting onRequest()/onRestRequest() is something we can evaluate. Could you please log a separate enhancement
Swagger import options and logging for API request and response. It also fixes several bugs in security, publisher portal and server core and workflows related to SOAP proxy, Swagger and SOAP to REST. For further details on the new features, the installation instructions and […] Adobe Cold
Comment on Sporadic server errors: Cannot create a session after the response has been committed by Terry F.
2597027 CF-3185305 Security Steve Sommers RE: Duplicate ID: CF-3137285 Problem Description: Uninformative error response and no logging. Steps to Reproduce: Install the above reference patch and send a request that exceeds
2613868 CF-3154884 Suchika S. Hi Aaron, ER for isHttpRequest is already logged by you.(#CF-3844994) . For getHTTPRequestData returning NPE ,I will log a bug. I have reopened the bug #CF-3151858. I am closing this bug and will track the other related bugs. Thanks, Suchika. P.S. Thanks
NotAllowed" - toastLocale_ja.json "ErrorInstalling", "ErrorUnInstalling", "SriptEventSyntax" at [apim_root]\wwwroot\portal\locale\ - createapi_ja.json "NothingSelected" -createApi2_ja.json "ApplyToAllResources", "AppliesToRequestData", "ChunkedEncoding", "RequestResponseLog" -messages
2608280 CF-4139772 External U. Chinoy, Piyush, The problem has been solved. Problem has occurred just because of a corrupt folder which had a cfm and jpgs. The files did not have date timestamp but a valid file size. IIS Logs indicate no error, it shows 200 for response and shows up all the files
working, along with the following text (see IISWorkProcessDialog.txt): The Windows Application log has the following information (see EventViewer.txt): ColdFusion then becomes completely non-responsive, returning Service Unavailable on any subsequent requests. Only a restart of IIS (no need to restart
:notice] [pid 46779] AH00052: child pid 47923 exit signal Segmentation fault (11) Actual Result: Responses does not come back while processing, and no result nor error from ColdFusion are returned to the browser Expected behavior: Receiving results of the request which needs a long time without error Any
be very nice if we could enable logging of all the communicatio with a client from the ColdFusion Administrator. Record everything that goes over the connector, including the body, but without all the debugging stuff that is in the JRun connector full logging option.Use 3 files for each request response
Bug 85821:(Watson Migration Closure)when call to custom tag containing cfapplication tag precedes cfc bind, json response is prepended by script tags that spoil the bind (