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Comment on Error after accessing ColdFusion Administrator using connector port by roland.collins
Comment on Filing issues for things like ColdFusion docs, Docker images, PMT, CFFiddle, and even the bug tracker itself by roland.collins
2682312 CFB-4121980 Performance Roland Collins CFBuilder 2016 Crashes when opening specific files Problem Description: There are several files in my application that cause CFBuilder 2016 to crash just by trying open them. These same files open correctly in CFBuilder 3. Steps to Reproduce: Open
2682151 CFB-4191665 General - IDE Roland Collins "Customize Perspective" menu item does not work and crashes IDE after restart Problem Description: If you try to use the Window -> Customize Perspective dialog, no dialog is presented. The IDE continues to work fine until you restart the IDE
2608337 CF-4119495 File Management : CFZip Roland Collins Bug 3968971 is incorrecclty marked as fixed, or has been reverted from CF11u7 Duplicate ID: CF-3968971 Problem Description: Bug 3968971 is marked as fixed in a build of CF11 that precedes CF11 Update 7. However, the bug still exists in CF