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Someone asked: where can I find CF training resources that are not at least a couple of years old?
James Mohler Taffy for REST – Part 6: CAPTCHA Also covers RAM drives The post Taffy for REST – Part 6: CAPTCHA appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,Code,Encoding,rest,training
2673055 CF-4154896 External U. Mobile apps must be produce by Coldfusion builder+Phonne gap area , and the training movies on the adobe site should be free
Grae Desmond CFCamp 2019 Speaker Twitter List Quick listing of CFCamp 2019 Twitter accounts for reference. The post CFCamp 2019 Speaker Twitter List appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Language,blog,language,training
Grae Desmond Thoughts on the ColdFusion Specialist Program Exam Observations on the exam for the ColdFusion Specialist program. The post Thoughts on the ColdFusion Specialist Program Exam appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Language,blog,cfsummit,language,training
George Pickin 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API – Presented at CF Summit 2017 CF Summit 2017 was a lot of fun, lots of new faces, and good to meet friends, old and new alike. I really enjoyed the ColdBox 2 day training, RESTFul Training Bootcamp. I also enjoyed, Pete Freitag’s Hands On CFML
JS developers: the first 10 minutes appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,2018,blog,CFML,commandbox,training
5: Access Tokens with some real simple authorization appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,commandbox,framework,javascript,rest,training
:// The post Taffy for REST – Part 7: Login appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,closures,Code,programming,rest,training
.cfc`. But there has been no UI to speak of; that was deliberate. There is a wall between front end and back end development. This has some consequences. We are not going to be asking ColdFusion to generate HTML. It […] The post Taffy for REST – Part 8: Buefy = VueJS + Bulma appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,Code,rest,training
Portal Topic ROT13 in action!
on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,CFML,Code,encrypt,training
data feed of a big, ugly XML document that’s complex and cumbersome to utilize.  The XML is coming from TransUnion (one of the “big three” credit companies in the United States) and it’s a representation […] The post Converting XML to JSON using xmlTransform() appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Showcase,Training,showcase,training
back in via VueJS and Buefy. I don’t see the CSS only approach as being particularly powerful. So back to Bootstrap I go Resources The post Taffy for REST: Part 10 VueJS + Bootstrap appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,CFML,Code,css,rest,training
on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Training,blog,cfsummit,ColdFusion Summit East,training
GavinPickin Help us get CFML / ColdFusion added to CodeWars Website CodeWars is a cool site for practicing/training to improve your coding skills. I use the site for JavaScript often and it would be awesome if CFML was available too.  There is an API so we could tap into this and build some cool
2608551 CF-4066957 External U. Hi Ray and Adobe, I see these links on CF Admin's home page also 404: ColdFusion Developer Center Getting Started » ColdFusion Support Center » Training and Certification »
Grae Desmond Thoughts on the ColdFusion Specialist Program In-Person Segment Observations on the in-person portion of the ColdFusion Specialist program. The post Thoughts on the ColdFusion Specialist Program In-Person Segment appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Language,blog,cfsummit,language,training
Grae Desmond Thoughts on the ColdFusion Specialist Program Online Segment Observations on the online portion of the ColdFusion Specialist program. The post Thoughts on the ColdFusion Specialist Program Online Segment appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Language,blog,cfsummit,language,training
WilzDezign That is awesome. That is one item I brought up at the Seattle ColdFusion Roadshow again, better training and certification options to have some industry level of knowledge to be shown. I really hope our budget gets approved so I can get to CF Summit this year!
, so this link should be removed or point to (which would make it a duplicate of the "Documentation" link - but that's fine since the CF support page is for both documentation & support) - Training and Certification (
2611902 CF-3576114 External U. Unnecessary time spent adding vars to everything, and additional time spent when training new developers since it breaks conventions from other languages. Finally having two separate paradigms confuses it further, since on a CFM page, it is not needed, just in CFCs.
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captioned: which does have the full code set embedded. In my case, this is useful since the laptop I used on assessment day and downloaded the file to is at another location.
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Michaela Light CFCamp 2018 Announcements and Big Expectations “What is CFCamp CFCamp was created with the purpose of providing general training for both beginner and advanced level CFML programmers. The conference began life in 2008 with 100 attendees and 9 sessions. In 2011 we revived
with a solution that would also bolster the community by creating a CF Jobs portal. The post Adobe could support and bolster the ColdFusion Community by creating a CF focused jobs portal appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,training
to your problems. Ortus Solutions, Corp announced the creation of a new podcast edition featuring conference related material including workshops, sessions, speaker interviews, among others. Since there will be many conferences, trainings, and workshops planned for this year, this podcast aims
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it appears. While concentrating in the middle of a programming task, it's very helpful not to have to break the train of thought to find documentation. This enhancement seems minor, but I would argue that it would help us all to be more efficient programmers. Every time we have to break the train of thought
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:// - "Training and Certification" URL offers no CF training or certification. Users will just be confused about this link. Suggestion: remove this link. - "ColdFusion Development Center" URL links to a grossly outdated page (except
it for yourself. Anyone […] The post Quick Tip: After 20 years developing with ColdFusion, I finally realized numberFormat() can round. appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Language,blog,ColdFusion,language,training
they should too. Fast to market with new sites and changes, a stable and robust platform, lots of senior level people who can oversee and train the next generation of developers... Etc. These high level folks just want the job done right with little risk of failure. They need reasons why they should set
Bug 83970:It appears that CFINDEX may only delete one document at a time unless you pass a query to it like this:training" NAME="DeleteCertainKeys" CRITERIA="">37 | /go/trackerissue.html?issueKey=CF-3041959
2608551 CF-4066957 External U. Hi Shambhuling, I've verified these work: - - - - - 2 issues: 1) The "Newsletters
Array=["Boat","Car"]; WriteOutput(ArrayContains(myArray,"boat") & " | "); //returns YES since "Boat" is a member of myArray WriteOutput(ArrayContains(myArray,"train")); //returns NO since "Train" is not a member of myArray ----------- Issue 7: Output section is missing. Suggestion: Copy the Output section from Array
daniel fredericks I have seen more and more people talking about getting a good Developer and training them...I think the issue might be a lot of CFML work is legacy/maintenance so it is tag based...if more of that works could be converted to or done in cfscript, a mid level JS developer could come
-- if you want to grow the CF world, those people must come from somewhere.  That means, companies have to be hiring and training devs on CF.  CF devs won't magically appear. As far as the attendance at CFSummit, I'm with you that I'd really like to see it grow, but my personal opinion there is Adobe puts
ecobb Here in Nashville, which was once a very hot CF market, there’s not a ColdFusion job to be found any more. There was one company in town that had 40+ CF developers (several years ago), and wound up trying to hire programmers and train them in CF because they couldn’t find CF devs anymore
Charlie Arehart Eric, are you responding to my comment or Brad’s, in saying you don’t think training up non cf devs is “effective"?I don’t think Brad was saying he was "trying" it but that he does it. I know others who have relayed how they have. Is it as easy as the old days? No, but again
and also heard stories of people that go to conferences or training because their company paid for it, not because they cared to be there. In our community we need to find a way to get those type of people more engaged...i don't know how to do that...a 101 session sounds great, but I have a feeling
, and modernizing it, with tools, training, docs, and more. And we have their Modernize or Die podcast, encouraging improvement each week.

And as for reaching new folks, the “price” of CF need not be an issue if one goes with a hosted solution, as you note. While there may be far more PHP hosting