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2609913 CF-3744504 Uday O. Hi Aaron, We will re-open this bug and fix the first part(supporting CFHTMLTOPDF.currentPageNumber) in CF12. Thanks, Uday Ogra
uday ogra Custom cache plugin – How to implement it Introduction to Custom cache plugin As discussed in previous blog we have introduced new caching engines in ColdFusion and we are not tightly bound to ehcache now. But even after adding 3 more engines, customers might have a requirement to plugin
uday ogra Distributed caching in ColdFusion (2018 release) Introduction to new caching engines ColdFusion already has support for caching using ehcache. There are many caching engines available in the market and each has its pros and cons. Depending upon your application, one caching engine might
://'ll duplicate the key points here, in case the blog entry goes away:[quote]Have you noticed that indexed PDFs don't seem to contain all the content they should? Turns out this is a performance setting in Solr. The tip below is credit Uday Ogra of Adobe