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Bug 75032:(Watson Migration Closure)Requesting API or other support for developing Code Coverage tools

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Deferred/

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): marc esher / marc esher (marcesher)

Created: 01/16/2009

Components: Language

Versions: 9.0

Failure Type: Unspecified

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: 0000 /

Priority/Frequency: Normal / Unknown

Locale/System: English / Platforms All

Vote Count: 9


Requesting API or other support for developing Code Coverage tools

Most other popular "enterprise" languages take unit testing very seriously. ColdFusion has several popular frameworks for testing ColdFusion components. However, a serious deficiency exists: Code Coverage tools. 

It would be a big boon to CF developers to have the ability to accurately measure how well their unit tests are actually exercising their CFCs.

To that end, I'm requesting an API be made available that would support a framework author(s) in developing such a tool. 


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Watson Bug ID:	3037290

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External Customer Name: marc esher
External Customer Email: 70390EBF47F01CAF992015B9
External Test Config: 01/16/2009



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24154 | November 10, 2011 07:12:43 PM GMT
I may have already voted for this, but just in case not ... it would be great to have a hook into doing byte code instrumentation for coverage! I know volunteers standing by ;-)
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24155 | November 10, 2011 07:12:44 PM GMT
This bug has been voted..
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24156 | November 10, 2011 07:12:45 PM GMT
I was also looking at testing tools for CF and the shop I am in now has lots of java J2EE and we are setting up a continuous integration environment. The tools we are using are Hudson, ANT, Emma, selenium, JUnit, MXUnit (among others). For CF, we are missing the code coverage part. An API to support code coverage would be a nice start. A full automated testing environment would be the ultimate goal.
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24157 | November 10, 2011 07:12:47 PM GMT
+1. This would be a great feature for CF11... -- Adam
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24158 | June 10, 2013 02:48:29 PM GMT
I'm not the only one who wants this, you know... Would be a great asset to have this readily available in CF
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24159 | June 10, 2013 02:49:42 PM GMT
It might be useful to check out the cf-metrics project as well as what's already been done with Rancho:
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24153 | June 10, 2013 02:56:54 PM GMT
Yes ... Please make this available in CF11
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24160 | June 10, 2013 03:12:59 PM GMT
Unit Testing is a very important aspect of programming high-quality CF applications that are well tested, and relatively bug free. Development managers/leaders often want metrics and graphs to show how well the application is tested, and code coverage tools with such reporting can be a vital means of getting upper management to see the value of such testing, and to measure the increase of productivity as code coverage increases. -Aaron Longnion
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24161 | June 10, 2013 03:25:27 PM GMT
would be a great feature for CF11
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24162 | June 10, 2013 07:32:36 PM GMT