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Bug 87250:-(Watson Migration Closure)CFIDE/portlets/application

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Won't Fix/LowImpact

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Jochem van Dieten / Jochem van Dieten (Jochem van Dieten)

Created: 12/20/2011

Components: JEE Deployment, Portlet Support

Versions: 9.0.1

Failure Type: Unspecified

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: 9,0,1,274733 /

Priority/Frequency: Trivial / Unknown

Locale/System: English / Win All

Vote Count: 0


CFIDE/portlets/application.cfc is encrypted. As such, we can not change the application settings for the code we use in portlets. Since Application.cfc is the only place where we can configure ORM, it is impossible to use ORM in portlets.

I can put my own Application.cfc in the portets folder, but since the code is encrypted I don't know what critical settings I will be overwriting if I do that. Please provide an unencrypted version of /CFIDE/portlets/Application.cfc (I would have no objection to having an unencrypted version of all the files there like you do for the code in CFIDE/AIR folder which suffers from exactly the same problem.)

Create a portlet and try to use ORM.


----------------------------- Additional Watson Details -----------------------------

Watson Bug ID:	3085327

External Customer Info:
External Company:  
External Customer Name: Jochem van Dieten
External Customer Email: 14B70C2D446042B59920157F
External Test Config: 12/20/2011