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CFMail Email Header - Host Details

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Withdrawn/

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Jon Cavanaugh / Jon Cavanaugh (joncavanaugh)

Created: 02/28/2012

Components: Net Protocols, MAIL

Versions: 9.0.1

Failure Type: Enhancement Request

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: 9.0.1 /

Priority/Frequency: Trivial / Unknown

Locale/System: English / Win 2008 Server

Vote Count: 0

Add a line to the Email Header when the cfmail tag is used that includes some information to help know what site sent the mail.

For example, in PHP, on linux, we can find out which domain and what the path was that send the mail.

In ColdFusion minimally we should be able to know the domain name that is sending it, since that should be in the HTTP_HOST cgi variable for ColdFusion.

That would really help with tracking down spam originating from ColdFusion servers.

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I don’t think ColdFusion should automatically put the domain name or the URL of the page sending that mail. That would be a privacy violation issue. IMO, it should be completely left up to the API user what header he wants to put in the mail. We do have cfmailparam through which one can specify any header he wants. And if someone wants to build spam protection, why would he protect only against mails originating from cfmail? It will be easy to circumvent and would be a lame fix. I am closing the bug.
Comment by Rupesh K.
20518 | February 29, 2012 08:30:27 PM GMT
Yes cfmailparam is an option that would be perfect but as a hosting provider we don't have initial control over our customers code, ideally an option enabled by checking a box within the CFAdmin/mail settings page to "include the template path in the header" would GREATLY help us as a hosting provider track down spam being sent from customers sites.
Comment by External U.
20519 | March 19, 2012 08:54:39 AM GMT