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Uninstalling leaves things running

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Deferred/NotEnoughTime

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Andrew Scott / Andrew Scott (Andrew Scott)

Created: 03/04/2012

Components: Installation/Config, Installer

Versions: 10.0

Failure Type:

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: Public Beta /

Priority/Frequency: Major / All users will encounter

Locale/System: English / Win 2008 Server x64

Vote Count: 0

Problem Description: When I uninstalled CF10, I found the following directories could not be deleted

cfusion & jre

In the jre the file rt.jar is locked and can't be deleted, something still has this open. Yet there is nothing running that I can tell, the service has been stopped and there is no other service that I can find to stop.

In cfusion the following can't be deleted either.

bin - Now this has me stumped, there are no files or hidden files and yet I can't delete this.
lib - Has the etc, updates, cfusion.jar, tools.jar, log4j.jar, xercesImpl.jar and the xml-apis.jar that can't be deleted either

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Watson Bug ID:	3129813

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External Customer Name: ascott67
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We could not re-create this case, the normal installation/uninstallation deleted all directories properly. Please provide more information to help us re-create this scenario. Also let us know if CF10 was used in conjunction with Open Office, or any other application.
Comment by Akhila K.
20407 | March 05, 2012 03:37:53 AM GMT
I was able to reproduce this, 4 times in a row. Here are the steps that I took. 1) Grab a server that has never had ColdFusion 10 before. 2) Install CF 3) Create a new instance and have it start. 4) Unistall via the windows remove programs. 5) Wait for it to uninstall I have followed this method 4 times, and each time the second instance windows service is still there. And all those directories are still there, the only way I can remove them is to reboot the server and then remove the folders. And then manually remove the services. Now if I can duplicate this 4 times in a row, surely you can. And there is no need to write any code, and run any application other than the Administrator to finalise its setup.
Comment by External U.
20408 | March 05, 2012 05:29:31 AM GMT
I could repro this case following the same steps.
Comment by Akhila K.
20409 | March 06, 2012 01:54:05 AM GMT