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How to create Oracle DSN using service name

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Created: 11/19/2012

Components: Documentation, General

Versions: 10.0

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Problem:Some of the documentation information from ColdFusion 8 "Connecting to other data sources" ( is missing in ColdFusion 10.

Method:The following info is missing -

Updated April 3, 2008: Added information on Oracle RAC
You can also use this option to create a datasource for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). Specify the following settings:

JDBC URL jdbc:macromedia:oracle://hostname:port;ServiceName=servicename;AlternateServers=(alternatehostname:port);ConnectionRetryCount=2;ConnectionRetryDelay=5 
(servicename,a name that is typically composed of the database name and domain name, is used to specify connections to Oracle RAC because the nodes in a RAC system share a common service name. AlternateServers is a comma separated list of servers and port names.)
Driver class macromedia.jdbc.MacromediaDriver
Username A user defined to the database
Password The password for the username


Expected:Have the same info from ColdFusion 8 in ColdFusion 10 as well (


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