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this.serialization.preservecaseforstructkey doesn't work in application, session or request scopes

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Adam Cameron / Adam Cameron (Adam Cameron)

Created: 02/22/2014

Components: Documentation

Versions: 11.0

Failure Type: Data Corruption

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: PublicBeta /

Priority/Frequency: Normal / Few users will encounter

Locale/System: English / Platforms All

Vote Count: 3

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key preservation doesn't work on keys in the application, session or request scope.


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Watson Bug ID:	3712135

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External Customer Name: Adam Cameron.
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This is mainly for the user struct. Request, session and application scopes are handled differently where keys are always convrted and stored as lowercase.
Comment by Awdhesh K.
13306 | February 27, 2014 01:21:32 AM GMT
Sigh. Yes I realise that. However they are still user-set keys, and they should - quite reasonably / logically - fall under the remit of a setting that controls whether struct key case is preserved. It's a non-conformity and not logical for you to make a distinction here. -- Adam
Comment by External U.
13307 | February 27, 2014 01:13:16 PM GMT
+1 - This *is* a bug b/c case should be preserved regardless of scope. It doesn't matter that application/session/request lowercase their keys by default. The whole point of preservecaseforstructkey is to ensure key case is preserved. Not sure why we even need to have this discussion. This ticket should be re-opened or the setting renamed to this.serialization.preservecaseforstructkeyexceptforapplicationsessionandrequestscopes.
Vote by External U.
13317 | February 14, 2015 08:44:46 PM GMT
Vote box clipped my comment. Last sentence was: This ticket should be re-opened or the setting renamed to this.serialization.preservecaseforstructkeyexceptforapplicaticationsessionandrequestscopes
Comment by External U.
13308 | February 14, 2015 08:46:27 PM GMT
Please reopen and fix this bug.
Vote by External U.
13318 | February 14, 2015 11:14:12 PM GMT
Can you pls respond to this, Adobe / Awdhesh? And - for Pete's sake - can we please put an end to this whole thing where to get information out of you, we need to chase you up? You need to act like professionals. At least *act* like professionals. I realise it's inconvenient for you to have your clients request you do your actual jobs, but this is the baseline expectation we will have when we pay you thousands of pounds / dollars for your software.
Comment by External U.
13309 | February 14, 2015 11:20:07 PM GMT
I agree that this is actually a bug and should be fixed. Please reopen.
Vote by External U.
13319 | February 15, 2015 11:54:29 AM GMT
Comment by External U.
13310 | April 15, 2015 03:29:43 AM GMT
The documentation would be updated to reflect this behavior.
Comment by Rupesh K.
13311 | December 10, 2015 11:13:27 PM GMT
Right. So the ticket needs to be reopened until such time as that is done (or if it's already been done, pls give us the URL).
Comment by External U.
13312 | December 11, 2015 01:12:46 AM GMT
Comment by Rupesh K.
13313 | December 11, 2015 01:21:53 AM GMT
Hi Rupesh, Documenting is the easy way out. Right thing to do would be make it work properly. Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment by External U.
13314 | December 11, 2015 02:02:23 AM GMT
Nice one, cheers Rupesh.
Comment by External U.
13315 | December 11, 2015 02:34:57 AM GMT
The docs have been updated to reflect this behaviour.
Comment by Immanuel N.
13316 | May 02, 2016 04:25:00 AM GMT