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[ANeff] Bug for: naming inconsistency of page number variables

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Aaron Neff / Aaron Neff (Aaron Neff)

Created: 04/16/2014

Components: Document Management, PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

Versions: 11.0

Failure Type:

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: PublicBeta /

Priority/Frequency: Major / Some users will encounter

Locale/System: English / Win All

Vote Count: 1

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CF-3846442 - Similar to

cfdocumentitem uses:

<cfdocumentitem type="header">
#CFDOCUMENT.currentPageNumber# - #CFDOCUMENT.totalPageCount#

cfhtmltopdfitem uses:

<cfhtmltopdfitem type="header">

1st, why are underscore variables being introduced here?  That’s not normal.  It looks like shortcuts are being made, instead of evaluating these variables in the same manner that cfdocumentitem does.

2nd, why are the variable names different?  If it really is impossible to avoid the underscore variables, at least they should be named the same (i.e. _CURRENTPAGENUMBER & _TOTALPAGECOUNT).

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Watson Bug ID:	3744504

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Comment by External U.
12623 | April 16, 2014 10:30:55 PM GMT
Well the first inconformity here is that they have created an entirely new tag to do the same thing as an existing tag. But, yes, your other points here are valid too. This is PHPifying the language. -- Adam
Comment by External U.
12624 | April 20, 2014 03:12:23 AM GMT
+1. The language needs to be kept consistent where appropriate. -- Adam
Vote by External U.
12631 | April 20, 2014 03:12:56 AM GMT
This issue is fixed and this fix will be available in the upcoming update of ColdFusion 11.
Comment by Nimit S.
12625 | August 25, 2014 05:18:19 AM GMT
Hi Nimit, I see _CURRENTPAGENUMBER and _TOTALPAGECOUNT were added in CF11 Update 3, and _PAGENUMBER and _LASTPAGENUMBER also still work. Unfortunately, #CFHTMLTOPDF.currentPageNumber# and #CFHTMLTOPDF.totalPageCount# still don't work. Would you please reconsider? Prefixing variables names w/ an underscore is really inconsistent, b/c it doesn't match the rest of the language which uses pound signs around variable names. Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment by External U.
12626 | November 03, 2014 05:06:32 AM GMT
Nimit Sharma, when you don't actually fully implement what the ticket raises, you need to TELL US, not just say "it's fixed". Because it *wasn't* fixed. Half the work's not been done.
Comment by External U.
12627 | November 03, 2014 05:25:42 AM GMT
Hi Aaron, We will re-open this bug and fix the first part(supporting CFHTMLTOPDF.currentPageNumber) in CF12. Thanks, Uday Ogra
Comment by Uday O.
12628 | November 03, 2014 05:34:27 AM GMT
There were two concerns raised as part of this bug. Second part has already been fixed and the fix will be available as part of upcoming update of ColdFusion 11. I have logged a separate bug #CF-3846442 to track the first part. Regards, Nimit
Comment by Nimit S.
12629 | November 03, 2014 06:34:33 AM GMT
Thank you Adam. And thank you Uday and Nimit for considering. I've voted for #CF-3846442. Thanks again!, -Aaron
Comment by External U.
12630 | November 03, 2014 08:10:30 AM GMT