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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/Fixed

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Adam Cameron / Adam Cameron (Adam Cameron)

Created: 06/22/2015

Components: Language

Versions: 11.0

Failure Type: Enhancement Request

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: CF11_Final / CF 13 Beta

Priority/Frequency: Normal / Unknown

Locale/System: English / Platforms All

Vote Count: 33


[Just] Sort it out[...]. Break any backwards compat you need to to do this. Just make it work. Null is a real thing, stop pretending it isn't or than an empty string is a suitable facsimile of it.

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Watson Bug ID:	4010516

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External Customer Name: Adam
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7053 | June 29, 2015 04:40:58 AM GMT
I agree but i think a switch to enable/disable the functionality would be great as there will be a lot of backward compat issues.
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7054 | June 29, 2015 05:26:23 AM GMT
backwards compat be damned. If you want to compete against the big boys it's time to get this sorted out.
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7055 | June 29, 2015 07:23:00 AM GMT
Railo managed to implement this without breaking people's code so I'm sure you can too!
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7056 | June 29, 2015 11:11:33 AM GMT
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7057 | June 29, 2015 11:33:16 AM GMT
This is the only language I've worked in where Null does not mean Null.
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7050 | June 29, 2015 11:34:16 AM GMT
everybody has their own way to do this which says it should be supported instead of everyone doing their own version of something that every modern language has
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7058 | June 29, 2015 03:14:09 PM GMT
+1 Full NULL support and it would be great addition in language
Vote by External U.
7059 | June 29, 2015 04:27:25 PM GMT
+1 as this is way overdue. If backwards compatibility is an issue, maybe include a way to toggle the behaviour - but make this per application not per CF server!
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7060 | June 29, 2015 05:15:44 PM GMT
+1 +++++++++++++++++++++++
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7061 | June 29, 2015 08:56:38 PM GMT
Yep...every other modern language seems to have figured this out.
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7062 | June 29, 2015 10:09:13 PM GMT
I'd like to see better null support.
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7063 | June 30, 2015 07:10:00 AM GMT
Really have been wanting this one for years. Please reward us in CF12.
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7064 | June 30, 2015 11:11:11 AM GMT
ColdFusion needs NULL support, to hell with backwards compatibility. Please implement real NULL support!
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7065 | June 30, 2015 12:13:35 PM GMT
Nulls should be inherent in the language - full support
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7066 | June 30, 2015 02:49:37 PM GMT
Sweet, maybe... Passionate, I suppose... But don't ever mistake that for nice. I'm the Doctor, I can save the world with a kettle and some string! And look! I'm wearing a vegetable!
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7067 | June 30, 2015 04:51:32 PM GMT
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7068 | July 01, 2015 02:52:53 AM GMT
After spending a lot of time in SQL land, I have come to both hate and love NULLs. They DO have meaning, and they AREN'T the same thing as an empty string. They do require some thought to handle correctly in code, but if the language deals with them correctly, it's not that hard. Please add proper handling of NULL values.
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7069 | July 01, 2015 02:17:20 PM GMT
agreed! NULL all the way.
Comment by External U.
7051 | July 02, 2015 12:55:35 PM GMT
+1 ------------------------------------
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7070 | July 02, 2015 01:31:46 PM GMT
agreed! NULL all the way.
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7071 | July 02, 2015 03:12:34 PM GMT
Null is real and not an empty string, be one step towards treating everything properly not just pretending a its a sting... Date, float, int etc. please fix
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7072 | September 05, 2015 11:26:32 AM GMT
Null is not the same thing as an empty string. We need actual nulls in CF
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7073 | September 05, 2015 04:49:49 PM GMT
+1 ......................
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7074 | September 05, 2015 10:45:04 PM GMT
+1. Please explain in 25 characters or more how this feature impacts productivity and why this site requires this archaic stuff.
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7075 | September 08, 2015 06:20:46 AM GMT
+1 for this request. Null should be supported.
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7076 | September 08, 2015 07:47:22 AM GMT
This really does need to be fixed. It's embarrassing for me to admit the language I use most does not support null.
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7077 | September 08, 2015 08:46:32 AM GMT
It would be nice to finally have a NULL. +1
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7078 | September 08, 2015 09:28:55 AM GMT
Nothing is something! Let's have Null
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7079 | September 08, 2015 09:36:40 AM GMT
null null null null null null
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7080 | September 08, 2015 09:51:35 AM GMT
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7081 | September 08, 2015 06:13:02 PM GMT
+1 True null support is long overdue.
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7082 | September 21, 2015 05:39:36 PM GMT
enough reasons have been already brought up I think...
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7083 | September 28, 2015 11:37:21 PM GMT
in 2015 how is this even a question?
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7084 | November 20, 2015 08:54:17 AM GMT
Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Null
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7085 | November 20, 2015 09:05:01 AM GMT
Can you please confirm in what version of ColdFusion this is going to be implemented in. It says "to fix" but does not say which version.
Comment by External U.
7052 | January 25, 2016 08:19:40 AM GMT