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[ANeff] Bug for: underscores_introduced_in_cffile_upload_all_result

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Aaron Neff / Aaron Neff (Aaron Neff)

Created: 09/24/2015

Components: Language

Versions: 11.0

Failure Type:

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: CF11_Final /

Priority/Frequency: Minor / Some users will encounter

Locale/System: English / Win XP All

Vote Count: 0

Listed in the version 2016.0.0.297996 Issues Fixed doc
Verification notes: verified_fixed on August 22, 2019 using build 2016.0.01.298513
cffile(action="uploadall" introduced underscore variables.

CFFILE.uploadAll_Errors and CFFILE.uploadAll_Results
should be
CFFILE.uploadAllErrors and CFFILE.uploadAllResults

Please see the following note on ticket 3194042, where this underscore issue was also fixed for cfschedule(action="list":

For consistency w/ the rest of the language (i.e. cfquery's result struct, cfhttp's result struct, etc) the underscores in cfschedule's [in this case cffile action="uploadall"] result struct should be removed.

It was stated that underscores make the terms more readable. Well..


What about cfhttp’s result variables: charset, errordetail, filecontent, mimetype, responseheader, statuscode?

Should those be: char_set, error_detail, file_content, mime_type, response_header, status_code?

What about getTimeZoneInfo()’s result variables: utcTotalOffset, utcHourOffset, utcMinuteOffset, isDSTOn?

Should those be: utc_total_offset, utc_hour_offset, utc_minute_offset, is_dst_on?

What about cfdirectory’s datelastmodified result value? Should that be date_last_modified?

What about getFileInfo()’s result variables: lastmodified, canread, canwrite, ishidden?

Should those be: last_modified, can_read, can_write, is_hidden?

What about cfquery’s result variables: recordcount, sqlparameters, columnlist, executiontime, generatedkey?

Should those be: record_count, sql_parameters, column_list, execution_time, generated_key?

(The above tags/functions are just some of the examples. I understand CGI variables use underscores, and that cfqueryparam’s cfsqltype attribute takes values having underscores, and that the old db-specific cfquery result variables for the ID of the inserted row used underscores, but MOST of the examples in CF do not use underscores to join words) 

The fix for 3194042 removed the underscores but allowed the underscores for backward-compat. Same fix should be done here.

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Watson Bug ID:	4062974

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External Customer Name: Aaron Neff
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Changed the variable names as following: 1) UploadAll_Errors -> UploadAllErrors 2) UploadAll_Rsults -> UploadAllResults
Comment by Nikhil S.
5741 | October 08, 2015 05:26:51 AM GMT
Hi Nikhil, Thanks very much! -Aaron
Comment by External U.
5742 | October 08, 2015 11:52:50 AM GMT
Hi Adobe, I've verified this is fixed in CF2016 Update 1 (build 2016.0.01.298513). Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment by Aaron N.
31147 | August 22, 2019 09:17:40 AM GMT