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Enhance cfquery or anything that returns queries to return array of structs

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Needs Review//NeedsApproval

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Luis Majano / Luis Majano (Luis Majano)

Created: 11/09/2015

Components: Language

Versions: 11.0

Failure Type: Enhancement Request

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: CF11_Final /

Priority/Frequency: Trivial / Unknown

Locale/System: English / Mac 10 All

Vote Count: 15

Hibernate has a feature that returns array of maps instead of array of objects.  Returning array of maps is consistently faster than even query objects.  I would like to propose the ability for cfquery or any other tag/function that returns queries to return array of structs instead.

I have seen firsthand the performance increase of this data representation. PLease consider it.

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Watson Bug ID:	4085682

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External Customer Name: Luis Majano
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5377 | November 09, 2015 01:06:21 PM GMT
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5378 | November 09, 2015 01:06:57 PM GMT
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5379 | November 09, 2015 01:07:38 PM GMT
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5380 | November 09, 2015 01:11:26 PM GMT
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5381 | November 09, 2015 01:13:49 PM GMT
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5382 | November 09, 2015 01:14:57 PM GMT
+1 for cfquery to return array of structs
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5383 | November 09, 2015 01:47:57 PM GMT
Majority of my queries are converted to structs, then to JSON any way.May as well make it easier.
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5384 | November 09, 2015 01:52:31 PM GMT
it has always bothered me to get a resultset from the DB to the client typically involves the dataset to be replicated several times in memory. for large resultsets, it becomes extremely slow converting it to JSON, as there are 4 times the resultset is replicated in memory: jdbc resultset -> cfml query object -> array representation -> json representation. the last 3 typically all reside in memory at the same time.
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5385 | November 09, 2015 02:09:38 PM GMT
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5386 | November 09, 2015 02:26:51 PM GMT
thinking about it more, perhaps would it make more sense to have cfquery/query functions just return just a jdbc resultset wrapper instead that has the ability to convert to the desired end representation? either way you still have a minimum of 2 representations in memory at the same time (if you are needing to convert). most cases there would only be two representations, some cases just the one. the key benefit is that the conversion is done at a different point in execution, and you would have the ability to get multiple representations from the same resultset. Example: rs = queryExecute("select * from table",...); // you can interact with rs as a native JDBC resultset, or use one of the following to get a final representation: records = rs.toRecordArray(); columns = rs.toColumnArray(); json = rs.toJSON("record"); // or "column", default being "record" qry = rs.toCFQuery(); // don't really see this ever being used, but it is a possible option...
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5371 | November 09, 2015 02:50:31 PM GMT
At World Singles we've switched away from query results completely to arrays of structs and it's not only faster, it's much more convenient since you can then leverage all the normal map / filter / reduce stuff along with regular array and struct functions. And it provides better interop with other JVM languages on the back end and JavaScript on the front end.
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5387 | November 09, 2015 02:51:49 PM GMT
I would love to see an array of structs as an option for queries.
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5388 | November 09, 2015 04:02:25 PM GMT
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5389 | November 09, 2015 05:46:11 PM GMT
This would be helpful. There are many cases where I convert queries to this format.
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5390 | November 10, 2015 10:23:22 AM GMT
Hi Luis, Which are you proposing? 1) For tags/functions to never return a query and always return an array of structs instead -or- 2) For tags/functions to optionally return either a query or an array of structs Thanks!, -Aaron
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5372 | November 14, 2015 04:01:55 AM GMT
@Aaron, an optional return type. @adobe FYI, this has been implemented already in Lucee 5/4.5:
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5373 | October 14, 2016 11:28:58 AM GMT
Hi Luis and Adobe, QueryGetRow(query, rowNumber)//returns struct QueryGetRows(query[, startRowNumber, endRowNumber])//returns array of structs QueryGetRow() was added in CF11. If QueryGetRows() is added, then query "myQuery" can be converted to array via myQuery.getRows(). Thanks!, -Aaron
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5374 | October 14, 2016 04:28:59 PM GMT
+1 for adding QueryGetRows()/q.getRows() to return an array of what QueryGetRow()/q.getRow() currently returns.
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5391 | October 14, 2016 04:33:09 PM GMT
Even though that capability is there. It defeats the purpose of optimization and performance. I don't want to incur the penalty of transforming the result set into an array of structs. I want to natively get an array of structs or struct of structs. Same goes for methods like entityload, ormexecutequery, queryexecute, etc.
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5375 | October 14, 2016 05:08:17 PM GMT
Ok, are you finishing reviewing this? Lucee already support this
Comment by Luis M.
5376 | February 21, 2017 12:07:33 AM GMT