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BindOnLoad not working

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/Fixed

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): / ext-user (Sandip Halder)

Created: 12/21/2015

Components: AJAX, UI Components

Versions: 2016,2018

Failure Type: Performance Issue

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: 298513 / 312775

Priority/Frequency: Major / All users will encounter

Locale/System: English / Mac 10 All,Windows 7 64-bit

Vote Count: 0

Listed in the version 2016.0.0.297996 Issues Fixed doc
Verification notes: verified_not_fixed on July 22, 2017 using build 2016.0.01.298513
Problem: CFGRID set to not bindOnLoad, but even though that is set to "NO", it is still calling the JavaScript that is bound to that grid and calling the .cfc to get data

Method: Attach sample code when run, in the AJAX debugger window shows that the data is being accessed on the first try itself. 

Result: CFGRID is loading twice

Expected: should not call .cfc to get the data on the first attempt. 
Workaround: NA

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Watson Bug ID:	4102251

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In JS binding even if binOnLoad was false, we were still making a server call to fetch the data. Though we were showing empty table, this call was unnecessary. Now I have added the fix and not making this server call to get data if bindOnLoad is false.
Comment by Uday O.
4996 | January 05, 2016 03:46:42 AM GMT
Verified the fix in CF 2016, # 297518 and CF11_HF7 with the updated driver. (Comment added from ex-user id:prk)
Comment by Adobe D.
4997 | January 13, 2016 12:44:40 PM GMT
Hi Adobe, This ticket is listed in ColdFusion2016IssueFixed.pdf, but it is not fixed. Verified in CF2016 Update 1 (build 2016.0.01.298513). Repro case: index.cfm ----------- <cfform> <cfgrid name="myGrid" format="html" bind="cfc:MyCFC.getGridData({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection})" bindonload="false"> <cfgridcolumn name="myColumn"> </cfgrid> </cfform> <cfif SERVER.keyExists("ticket_4102251")> <cfdump var="#SERVER.ticket_4102251#"> </cfif> MyCFC.cfc ----------- component { remote function getGridData(gridPage, gridPageSize, gridSortColumn, gridSortDirection) { SERVER.ticket_4102251 = now(); var q = queryNew("myColumn", "varchar", [["foobar"]]); return queryConvertForGrid(q, ARGUMENTS.gridPage, ARGUMENTS.gridPageSize); } remote function setGridData(gridAction, gridRow, gridChanged) {} } Actual Result: timestamp is displayed Expected Result: timestamp is not displayed This ticket needs re-opened/fixed. Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment by Aaron N.
4998 | July 22, 2017 07:37:12 AM GMT
Since this ticket is not yet fixed, it needs: 1) to be re-opened/fixed 2) to be removed from
Comment by Aaron N.
4999 | July 23, 2017 09:29:12 PM GMT
Repro steps: Run code from 07/22/2017 07:37:12 GMT comment, then hit F5 to refresh page. A timestamp appears, but shouldn't. Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment by Aaron N.
5000 | August 06, 2017 07:14:10 PM GMT
*bump* Adobe? This is _not_ fixed. Please re-open. Please see my comments above. I emailed the same to Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment by Aaron N.
5001 | August 22, 2017 07:48:57 PM GMT
Hi Adobe, Details from my database: fixReleasedInBuild='2016.0.0.297996' fixVerifiedInBuild='2016.0.01.298513' fixVerificationDate='07/22/2017 07:37:12' fixVerificationStatus='verified_not_fixed' fixVerificationNote = 'Awaiting response from' I see this ticket has been re-opened as Open/ToFix/BugVerified. Next, this ticket should be removed from: Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment by Aaron N.
5002 | September 30, 2017 06:36:46 PM GMT
Hi Aaron, Thanks for the input. We have removed it from Regards, Manas
Comment by Manas M.
5003 | October 04, 2017 07:21:00 AM GMT