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NULL pointer exception when visiting REST URLs

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Michael Henson / Michael Henson (Michael Henson)

Created: 05/31/2016

Components: REST Services

Versions: 10.0

Failure Type:

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: Final /

Priority/Frequency: Normal / Few users will encounter

Locale/System: English / Win 2008 Server R2 64 bit

Vote Count: 0

I have been receiving errors on my websites when somebody (suspected bots) tries to visit the REST URLs.

For example when visiting this throws a NULL pointer exception. I tried to include the stack trace below but the bug tracker won't allow this many characters. If you want me to email this to you then please supply an email address.

The error is not thrown when visiting the URL without the trailing slash, this just gives a 404 as expected.

I have no REST services set up within the CF administrator.

----------------------------- Additional Watson Details -----------------------------

Watson Bug ID:	4159611

External Customer Info:
External Company:  
External Customer Name: Michael Henson
External Customer Email:  
External Test Config: Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit

ColdFusion 10 updated to update 19


  1. May 31, 2016 00:00:00: 1_StackTrace.txt


The stack trace is attached as a text file
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