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Office 365 and Mail Server Error 550

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Status/Resolution/Reason: To Track//PRNeedInfo

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Richard Orchard / Richard Orchard ()

Created: 05/23/2017

Components: Administrator

Versions: 2016

Failure Type: Enhancement Request

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: 4 /

Priority/Frequency: Normal / Some users will encounter

Locale/System: ALL / Win 2012 Server x64

Vote Count: 0

Problem Description:Office 365 is the online version of Exchange.  It is impossible for ColdFusion to send mail via Office 365.

Steps to Reproduce:  I've spent almost a year researching the problem and trying to fix it or find a workaround.  Using your O365 account information and checking the verify connection box in the administrator WILL work successfully.  Sending a a message however, will result in undeliverable mail in the spool and a 550 Error, as read in the mail.log: "Client does not have permissions to send as this sender".  This is even after whitelisting IP addresses and creating connectors in the O365 admin panel.  Multiple Microsoft support techs have confirmed what I have; one was even quite familiar with ColdFusion administration.  Your best information to fix the problem is here:

Actual Result:  Cannot connect.  Messages will not send.

Expected Result: A connection should be made to the O365 server and messages should send.

Any Workarounds: No.



Richard, how are you sending tthe mail. What is the error message you are getting? Can you pls. share the stack trace of the error from the exception.log file. When configuring your mail server in CF admin>Server Settings > Mail.. are you setting anything besides the server name, user and password?
Comment by Piyush K.
694 | December 04, 2017 06:47:13 AM GMT
"How are you sending the mail" SMTP TLS No, I cannot share the error log file from the exception.log file. I gave up on ColdFusion when the developers refused to pay this bug any attention and spent the past TEN months rewriting applications for clientele in various other languages. I thought something as simple as sending e-mail was a requirement of a language... not being able to use Office365 is simply unacceptable. O365 has been a mainstream platform for e-mail for YEARS. Want log files? Sign up for O365, plug in the info and watch CF fail under every circumstance. By all means share how you get it to work if you ever do. Bear in mind, even using Google's services with CF triggers an error with Google that requires a workaround, but will eventually work once you complete the workaround (disabling some security settings in G Suite). ColdFusion clearly has HUGE issues integrating with cloud mail services such as GMail and Office365 Exchange. Go ahead and Google 'Coldfusion with Office365' and you'll quickly find the myriad of people running into the same problem. "are you setting anything besides the server name, user and password?" Port 587 and check enable TLS. And as detailed in the OP, checking the verify connection box WILL work successfully... well, it'll you'll get a green text successful verification, but it doesn't really work. From what I can tell is happening, a connection is being made, but nothing is happening. To replicate and and understand the bug, you need to create and Office365 account, plug it into the CFadmin yourself and watch intensely as you scratch your head and tear your hair out trying to figure out why it doesn't work. Integrating with the major mail services shouldn't be impossible. And if there are settings that need to be changed in the Office 365 Exchange Admin or the G Suite admin, this information should be made available and posted publicly somewhere. Unfortunately no information is to be found. Sorry I sound annoyed, but it's been a long 2017 and I'm quite bitter at ColdFusion over this problem, but I hope whatever information I've provided will help you find a solution to this issue. Best of luck.
Comment by Richard O.
695 | January 06, 2018 06:53:45 AM GMT
Ok, so I stumbled on the fix accidentally while working on client's PHP site: Still needs some work though. TLS and SSL don't work. And some clear instructions somewhere, probably in the CFdocs, would be a very good idea.
Comment by Richard O.
696 | January 23, 2018 05:40:27 AM GMT