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CFFiddle should not show blank result, when non-logged in user follows doc links to an "app"

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Open//

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Charlie A. / ()

Created: 07/31/2019

Components: CFApps, CFFiddle

Versions: 2018

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Found In Build/Fixed In Build: /

Priority/Frequency: Normal /

Locale/System: / Windows 10 64 bit

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Folks, there is a bug with CFFiddle.  It should either ALLOW or prompt to WARN folks who try to visit the site with a link to an "app" (a multiple-file code set). 

As it stands now, if someone follows such a link (such as from the CF docs) that goes to the site to see what is defined as an "app" in CFFiddle (a multi-file saved codeset), **the code editor will appear BLANK to them, if they user is NOT logged in.**

But if they follow a link to a single PAGE, they DO see the code even if they are NOT logged in.

An example of each follows. To see the unexpected behavior, do be sure to logout of CFFiddle first, if you are logged into it.

First, see this page,, and follow its link to the demo code on CFfiddle at

As expected, you can see the code in the editor, even if not logged in

Next see this page,, and follow its link to the demo code, which goes to

Notice how now the editor is blank! 

But if you login, you will see the code (then, or if you follow the link again from the docs. And this is not limited to links from the docs. I originally experienced it with some code I had setup for a problem I was helping with in the CF forums.)

The Adobe folks I reported this to called it "expected behavior", that in order to work with the fiddle "apps" (multi-file code sets), one had to be logged in. My contention is that there is no way a user would know that.

PLEASE change it either to ALLOW folks who are not logged in to see such apps, or at a minimum OFFER A WARNING (message or popup) that explains that the link taken is considered an "app" and requires login to see it.

I would argue that as one should NOT have to "login" to see links from the CF docs, the FIRST solution is preferable. But if that takes more work, I am open to the second as a stopgap. 

I just hope that this problem is not allowed to linger. No, it doesn't "affect production running of CF", but it does affect the public perception of CF, with respect to the docs (and the helpful new user of CFFiddle to show code examples) as well as CFFIDDLE itself (if used by folks like myself to help others in solving problems in the forums, etc.)



+1 - CFFiddle should not require login to run examples from the docs. Period. I thought Adobe fixed this issue, but I see the fix was incomplete.
Vote by Aaron N.
31089 | August 01, 2019 09:46:02 AM GMT