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Need for more clear documentation on server config

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Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Bruce H. / ()

Created: 08/01/2019

Components: Installation/Config

Versions: 2018

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Locale/System: / Mac OS 10.13

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Your instructions are ok for how to install, walking you through the installer steps. But then it's bye, good luck. Sure there's docs for CF getting started etc. but what about server config in various scenarios?

One biggie is how to stop the auto-restart feature in the internal web server that I apparently turned on. I was trying to switch from using the internal webserver to an "external" webserver, specifically a VM (VirtualBox) running Ubuntu OS inside.  Once I figured out how to do that (your doc is sparse at best there) I then ran into conflicts with the internal webserver still running. So I tried to stop it. It started right back up! I was puzzled. Wasted time trying to figure it out. I had forgot I had applied an auto restart. Normally this feature is good and desired but in my case I wanted to control it. You don't give ANY directions on how to do that! 

Where is your uninstall directions? 

How can I set up a Dev environment that allows for multiple projects?

What if I want to put my source code in Dropbox so that it's accessible everywhere on any device and is backed up?  No directions for how to do that where the source is outside the wwwroot folder.
Come on, why make any developer have to figure this stuff out from scratch?

There is a cool product from called VirtualHostX. I'd love to know how to integrate that with CF2018. 

Just need more docs on server config, dev environment options and config, etc. etc.