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CF2018 update page, scroll bar is missing in the update description.

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/Fixed

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): / ()

Created: 09/24/2019

Components: Administrator, Administrator Console

Versions: 2018

Failure Type:

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: CF2018 Latest / 2018.0.07.316715

Priority/Frequency: Major / All users will encounter

Locale/System: /

Vote Count: 2

Problem: CF2018 update page, scroll bar is missing in the update description. In the update page if the description is big there should be a scroll bar. Because of which download/download and update button gets hidden.




this remains an issue
Vote by David R.
32106 | February 11, 2020 03:41:22 PM GMT
David R states in a "vote comment" here that "this remains an issue". Are you on update 7, David? That's what fixed this.
Comment by Charlie A.
32102 | February 11, 2020 03:54:20 PM GMT
I am on a fresh install. Is it not possible to bundle these updates in the installer? I just figured out how to click the download button (adding / altering element overflow attributes; or somewhat equivalently, deleting irrelevant <tr> elements) so I will be fully updated shortly.
Comment by David R.
32103 | February 11, 2020 03:59:22 PM GMT
It is indeed possible, and may well come. The last new installer CF2018 was in Jan 2019. I would say that with CF2020 on the horizon, it is also possible that no new installer will be forthcoming. Given that this problem happens regardless of the OS on which CF is installed on (and is instead a problem of browser code that the CF Admin generates), they would indeed need to create new installers *for ALL OS's*, if they wanted to have such new installers have this update already installed. That is a lot of work. This sort of thing has happened before, and it's up to Adobe to decide if the pain expressed by folks this way exceeds the effort they'd need to go through to create such new installers. One last thing for others who may find this: in the meantime, you don't need to edit the underlying HTML to get things working (if that's what David means he did, perhaps with his browser dev tool). Instead, just click on the text of the update you want to apply, and hit the tab key until you see the buttons to download/install that update. Frustrating yes, but hopefully something most will only suffer through once or twice.
Comment by Charlie A.
32104 | February 11, 2020 04:19:12 PM GMT
Minor update: it was Feb 2019 when the last new installers for CF2018 were created. At that time it was to bundle in Java 11 (it had come out originally on Java 10, the summer before). For any who may have not even realized a new installer came out then, it would have been easy to miss. It was only mentioned in the release notes (not any Adobe blog post at the time). FWIW, I did a blog post about it soon after:, to point it out for folks.
Comment by Charlie A.
32105 | February 11, 2020 04:35:59 PM GMT