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CF2018 Docker image "cli" command (REPL) fails, sends container into 100% cpu spin

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Open//

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Charlie A. / ()

Created: 09/28/2019

Components: Containers, CF Docker Image

Versions: 2018

Failure Type:

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: n/a /

Priority/Frequency: Normal /

Locale/System: / Windows 10 64 bit

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The CF Docker images offer a "cli" command, and in 2018 it is supposed to run the new CF2018 REPL, and I know I have used it in the recent past, but recently on two machines I am finding that if I simply try to start the image with the CLI, it fails with errors, a nullpointer, and the CPU for the container spins to 100% (per the Docker Stats) command.

Here's what should work (again, optionally with a volume specified, but I thought it worked before without it, and it still has the same problem if I DO specify a volume):

docker run --rm -e acceptEULA=YES cli

I will get first an error (if I don't specify a volume for the /app folder), then (either way) it tries to start the interactive mode, then I get the nullpointer exception:

/opt/startup/ 441: cd: can't cd to /app
ColdFusion started in interactive mode. Type 'q' to quit.

And that NPE error repeats indefinitely, until I terminate/dettach from the container, with ctrl-C.

But that alone does not stop the impact. The image continues to run and again uses up to 100% CPU as seen in the Docker stats command (and the whirring of my laptop fan).

Can anyone else run that command above, to see if it works ok for them? If it does, as the help shows you, you can use q to quit, which exist the container.