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createobject page does not mention wsversion arguments

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/Fixed

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Charlie A. / ()

Created: 11/15/2019

Components: Documentation,

Versions: 2018

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Found In Build/Fixed In Build: n/a / docs

Priority/Frequency: Normal /

Locale/System: / Windows 10 64 bit

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CF10 added a new wsversion argument for createobject("webservice"), but it is not listed on the page for createobject:

It is listed on the page for cfobject type="webservice":

That verbiage should be added to the createobject page.

Also, neither page mentions that this (and other attributes/arguments) were added in CF10. There is no history at all. And while the cfobject page points to the "main" cfobject page for history, that page ( also makes no mention of the CF10 changes regarding web services (and really, it makes more sense for these two webservice pages to discuss such changes).