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upgrade UI broken - download and install buttons not visible

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Withdrawn/Duplicate

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Tim P. / ()

Created: 11/26/2019

Components: Administrator

Versions: 2018

Failure Type: Incorrectly functioning

Found In Build/Fixed In Build: ColdFusion 2018 updater 4 /

Priority/Frequency: Normal / Most users will encounter

Locale/System: / Linux

Vote Count: 0

Problem Description:On the 'Server Update' page, the 'available updates' blocks are missing the 'download' and 'install' buttons (at least for updaters 5 & 6.

With FireFox, the top few pixels of these buttons are visible for updater 5, but are not visible at all for updater 6.  With Chrome, there's enough button visible to click it, but the text is cropped off

Steps to Reproduce: Attempt to use the 'Server Update' tab from CFIDE on an installation with updater 4 installed

Actual Result: the buttons are either partially cropped or are missing completely

Expected Result: fully-visible buttons with appropriate whitespace below

Any Workarounds: try a different browser, hope for the best - or install the desired update manually



@Tim we already have a bug logged for this Bug# CF-4205243.
Comment by Dattanand M.
31876 | November 27, 2019 05:27:34 AM GMT