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Type2Font documentation - lack of information

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Status/Resolution/Reason: Closed/Fixed/AnotherTeam

Reporter/Name(from Bugbase): Hotaru H. / ()

Created: 01/12/2020

Components: Documentation,

Versions: 2018

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Found In Build/Fixed In Build: / NA

Priority/Frequency: Normal /

Locale/System: / Core

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Problem Description:
Not specified behaviour of "hintmask" if used after pushing values on stack without "hstemhm" operator. CFF specification and Type2Font documentation by Adobe (OTF fonts - "Technical Note #5177, Adobe PostScript"). 

Next bug is that I cannot select "Other product" in "Product field" in this bugtracker. 

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Any Workarounds:
Description what means numbers before "hintmask" if only operands and no operators is before the "hintmask" in "charstring". Errata needed to your "5177.Type2.pdf" document. There is only described behaviour if hstemhm precedes the hintmask. But in my example the hintmask is not preceded by hstemhm operator but only by numbers. 

I tested it on FontAwesome (attached) - charstring 0x003C:
-363, 223, 317, 463, 323, -255, 337, hintmask [0xC0],
555, 15, rmoveto,
-24, 58, 9, 187, 69, 105, 1, 106, 106, vvcurveto,
10, 28, 43, 0, 30, hhcurveto,
161, 134, -8, -150, 93, hvcurveto,
33, -53, 8, -65, -62, vvcurveto,..

I detected that there are stems but... whitch stems? vstems or hstems? 

Additionally the sentence: 
"If hstem and vstem hints are both declared at the beginning of a charstring, and this sequence is followed __directly__ by the hintmask or cntrmask operators, the vstem hint operator need not be included. For example, Figure 6 shows part of a character with hstem and vstem hints:" is confusing because there can be call of local subr or global subr and it is still correct... 

Directly meand directly and it means "hstemhm -> only operands -> hintmask" without additional operators. 

If you have second bugtracker for documentation bugs (I do not found it), please redirect this bug and inform me via mail about new link to this bug.